What are the trekking bags, hiking bags, and Rucksacks

Trekking typically requires a backpack or a rucksack to easily carry essentials like water, food, clothing, and other electronic necessities. As hiking backpacks, also known as trekking bags, camping bags, and solo travel bags, vary greatly in design, capacity, material, and features. It can take a lot of work to figure out what kind of backpack to buy while trekking and hiking. 

Therefore, we made this guide and the best list of best-hiking bags in India for hiking backpacks. It explains the different types of backpacks and then helps you figure out your needs regarding capacity and other features. Throughout this guide and the list of the best trekking bag brands, we shall tell you about the buying guide for luggage.

Let’s talk about the types of bags!


As the title indicates, a backpack is a piece of luggage you carry on your back. A backpack is commonly used to refer to a child’s schoolbag, an everyday bag we carry while in college, a daily-use bag, or on a short trip. However, a backpack will suffice for a day or weekend trip.


In India, both names are commonly used for hiking, trekking, and other outdoor activities. However, in essence, a rucksack is luggage that is commonly used for trekking, camping, or hiking. Rucksacks are typically made of tough waxed canvas or technical material. This pack has pockets and belts for holding heavy loads and can hold more gear than a backpack, such as a camera, cables, drones, and whatever other gadgets you have.

Most importantly, rucksacks can have hip belts and, in some cases, chest belts. A large rucksack is an excellent pack for anything from a long hiking and camping trip to a trip around the world. They are extremely useful when trekking on steep hills that are out of your comfort zone. A rucksack is basically a large, tough backpack.

You can carry heavy loads in both Backpacks and Rucksacks that you cannot fit in a handbag or a daily-use bag. The amount of gear you need to carry and how long you need to carry it are the main factors in choosing between packs.

difference between a backpack and a rucksack

Backpacks come in various shapes and sizes, some with no compartments or pouches and others with multiple pockets, straps, and other features. Rucksacks typically have additional pockets and chest or hip belts for carrying a heavier load. They are close and snug around the waist and chest.

Which type of luggage is best, a backpack or a rucksack?

If you are an adventure lover looking for a proper trekking and hiking bag, go for Rucksacks. The rucksacks are durable and most suitable for carrying all of your luggage. But if your budget is low, you can buy a backpack too in a large size.

How to Choose the Right Backpack for a Trek: A Buying Guide

It is important to make the right decisions about your trekking and camping. For how many days you are traveling and what stuff you are carrying, this will make your hiking or trekking awesome; so before buying a backpack, read this guide. It will help you choose the best backpack for your next adventure trip.

Capacity and size

Before embarking on your journey, gather all of your belongings and weigh your luggage. This will be determined by the length of the journey. Are you going on a day trip without staying overnight? Or are you going camping for several days? Will you use your backpack for summit climbs and difficult terrain where you’ll need to carry more gear? These points will assist you in making a good decision; for further assistance, I recommend watching adventurous videos and vlogs for a better idea and itinerary.

These are the basic measurements of a backpack while going on a trip:

Length CmLength InchBackpack Size
15 ½ cm39-inch or belowExtra-small
16 to 17 ½ cm41 to 44.45-inchSmall
18 to 19 ½ cm46 to 49-inchMedium
20 and above51-inch and aboveLarge
backpack size

Build material and waterproof

The first requirement is that it be made of high-quality construction materials because trekking, hiking, or camping are required for the bags. Additionally, it ought to be waterproof. There is a chance of rain and snow if you travel in the mountains or on the hills, and the weather occasionally changes quickly, leaving your backpacks wet. The backpack you’ll be using should therefore be at least partially waterproof. If you want to avoid buying a waterproof bag, you can also carry a rain cover for a bag.

Padded Straps, belt, and zippers

Always ensure the straps and zippers are sturdy before embarking on a trip, vacation, or Trek and hike. Strong straps and zippers are necessary because extra luggage can tear the bag and harm the zippers.

In addition, the straps should have been tightened to keep the garment in place against the body. As you hike, ensure the strap is comfortable, so it doesn’t put too much strain on your shoulder and cause injury. Padded straps are suggested because they reduce the strain on your shoulder. The belt’s ability to keep the backpack stable reduces stress on the back.

Extra features and compartments

It will be very convenient for your Trek if your backpack has a bottle pouch, a charger, and other pouches and compartments. Look for features like a lightweight backpack, a compartment for a hydration pack, a better ventilation system, and more compartments for essential gear.

Benefits of Having a Trekking Bag While Camping and Trekking

If we carry a trekking backpack or rucksacks on an adventure trip or a non-stop trip, the rucksacks and trekking bags benefit us. Let’s find out the benefits of trekking bags.

  • Convenient

The trekking bags are so convenient to use. You can keep everything inside. Whether it is clothes, different season clothes, the tent, shoes, electronic items, and many more.

  • Spacious 

Trekking bags need to be spacious but lightweight too. And most of the rucksacks are durable, spacious, and lightweight simultaneously.

  • Safety 

Trekking bags come with a secure zipper, strong metal zipper and padded straps. They are waterproof and lightweight. They keep your belongings secure while trekking during the rainy season.

  • Lightweight and durable

The camping backpacks and rucksacks are incredibly lightweight and strong. They are always more useful and durable than trolley and duffle bags, so use them however you like.

Best Rucksack & Trekking backpack Brands In India


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