What is Environment Noise Cancellation (ENC)

Environmental Noise Cancellation is the full form of ENC. It removes the background noise from your microphone when you communicate on a call.

Enc works for other people, so it can hear your sound properly, not the background noises.

And it also required two or more microphones for the ENC technology.

Environment Noise Cancellation
It reduces external noise to improve the user’s experience. “Environmental noise cancellation” refers to reducing unwanted low-frequency background noise from your microphone.

Working Mechanism of Environment Noise Cancellation (ENC)

The ENC process (similar to ANC) is simple in that it can generate opposite and similar noises to cancel out background noise from your microphone sound.

The working processes of ANC and ENC are similar, but the usage is different. ANC removes all background noise, while ENC removes only environmental noise.

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Difference between ANC and ENC (Active Noise Cancellation Vs Environment Noise Cancellation0

ANC and ENC are not the same things, and they differ from each other, Let’s know their differences.

To improve your ability to hear music or movies, ANC picks up the noise around you and works to reduce it. While the ENC helps you hear the person you are speaking to, it also cuts down on background noise. It locates the noise waves from the sound packet and their frequency and electronically reduces or cuts them.

Which is better, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) or Environment Noise Cancellation (ENC)?

People search for what technology is good and fine from both the ANC and ENC at random. So let’s discuss both.

In other words, the ENC is better for calling and recording audio and video. On the other hand, the ANC is better for music, gaming, and a noisy office environment. Now let’s know more about how they work.

The active noise-canceling headphones are used for blocking out outside sounds. If you are a business traveler or commuter who works in a crowded office, the headphones that come with ANC are good for you.

Because ANC delivers a sensation akin to what you might experience while driving through a tunnel or flying at a high altitude, it may be harmful to some people if used frequently. Although it is not harmful to the ears, some people cannot tolerate it.

FAQ – Environment Noise Cancellation (ENC)

How does an ENC work?

The external sound and the system’s signal are opposites with the same gain. The receiver will only be able to hear your voice because they will cancel each other out. 

Is Environmental noise cancellation good?

Yes, it is good for the ears. It also helps in improving sound quality and protecting the ear. It is far better when calling and recording audio and video.

What is the meaning of Environment noise cancellation?

Environment noise cancellation, or ENC, is neutralizing the surrounding noise. For better sound, it reduces outside noise.

Which type of noise cancellation is best?

Let’s talk about healthy technology for ears. Passive noise cancellation is best for passive, but the ANC and ENC are far better in terms of quality.

What does noise cancellation do?

Noise cancellation technology uses different kinds of technology to block outside noise and reduce the noise waves that come from the sound waves.

Which is better, ANC or ENC?

ANC is better for listening, and ENC is good for recording.

Which is best, ANC or ENC or PNC?

While PNC and ANC allow you to listen to music at lower volumes and ENC is for recording the sound without background noise.

Are ENC and ANC the same?

Nope, both are different. ENC stands for “environmental noise cancellation,” and ANC stands for “active noise cancellation.” 

What are examples of environmental noise?

The most basic example of environmental noise cancellation is noise reduction from cars, traffic, and construction that people don’t want to hear.

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