What Is Ghosting On A Keyboard? | Solution For Keyboard Ghosting

Keyboard ghosting is a prevalent issue primarily associated with membrane keyboards. These keyboards employ low-profile buttons underlain by a layer or membrane, similar to the design of a TV remote. A significant limitation of these keyboards is their inability to register multiple keys pressed simultaneously.

When several keys are pressed on a membrane keyboard (commonly found in laptop keyboards, low-cost or low-profile keyboards), the input is often not detected or is “ghosted”. In other words, these key presses disappear, akin to a ghost, thus the term “ghosting” in keyboard parlance.

This problem poses a substantial hurdle in activities that require extensive keyboard use such as gaming, typing, and various productive tasks. Ghosting can significantly impede performance and affect the overall user experience.

In this article, we will delve into keyboard ghosting in detail, discussing its issues, precautions, and solutions. This information will guide you in making informed decisions when purchasing keyboards or laptops for extended use, ensuring your devices cater to your specific needs.

What is Ghosting in Keyboards?

As an everyday user, you might not be familiar with the term “ghosting,” but there’s a good chance you’ve experienced it while typing. Let’s identify the scenarios where you might have encountered keyboard ghosting.

This issue typically arises when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously, which frequently occurs while typing or working on Excel and Word documents. Sometimes, we intentionally press several keys together, while at other times, it happens accidentally, leading to no input or faulty input. This phenomenon is referred to as “ghosting.”

What is Ghosting On A Keyboard
What is Ghosting On A Keyboard

Ghosting is common in low-profile and membrane keyboards. You may have experienced a similar problem with your TV remote, as it also uses membrane buttons. Let’s delve into the solution for ghosting and understand which keyboard could offer an anti-ghosting solution.

What is the solution for keyboard ghosting?

When you press a key and it does not register or not give you any input is called keyboard ghosting. You need a keyboard ghosting solution while typing and gaming. let’s discuss of solution for keyboard ghosting.

in a membrane keyboard, if you want to disable or want to get rid of ghosting, try not to press multiple keys together. If you press fewer keys preciously then it won’t ghost your inputs.

Well, technically it is not done by disabling any feature of ghosting or you can’t fix it, especially if you’re dealing with a laptop’s built-in keyboard or a membrane keyboard, as these devices are often not designed to handle multiple simultaneous key presses. But you should do these particular things to ensure anti-ghosting.

Laptop Keyboard Ghosting:

Clean the Keyboard: Dust and dirt can interfere with the signals sent from the keyboard to the computer, especially in the membrane keyboards such as laptops. Cleaning your keyboard might help resolve the issue.

Update Drivers: Your keyboard drivers might be outdated. Updating your drivers can sometimes solve the issue. You can visit the brand’s official website to download the setup or driver. The latest driver or software maybe fix the issue.

Keyboard Settings: Check your keyboard settings to see if there’s an option to improve key recognition when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously. Some good brands provide these settings. Though it is not enough for every keyboard.

Software Solution: Some applications allow you to map multiple keys to a single key or key combination. This might be a workaround for the problem if there are certain key combinations you need to press simultaneously often.

Replacement: If none of these solutions work, it might be time to replace your laptop’s keyboard using a mechanical keyboard. If you’re using the laptop for gaming or another task that requires multiple keys to be pressed simultaneously, consider buying a mechanical keyboard with an N Key rollover key switch.

Mechanical Keyboard: This is the final solution to eliminate any type of ghosting. If you have a laptop with ghosting issues, consider investing in an anti-ghosting keyboard. An anti-ghosting keyboard typically refers to a mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboards come with raised key switches that are swappable and replaceable. They are easy to clean and offer long-lasting performance. With these keyboards, you won’t experience any lag, latency, or ghosting.

Remember, even if you have a keyboard with anti-ghosting features or n-key rollover, not all software and games can handle simultaneous key presses. Be sure to check the requirements of the specific games or software you’re using.

Is the anti-ghosting keyboard good?

Yes, an anti-ghosting keyboard is generally considered good, especially for tasks that require pressing multiple keys simultaneously such as gaming, programming, and typing, and for productive workers and professionals. Anti-ghosting technology ensures that each key you press registers separately, which means the keyboard accurately records every keystroke, even when several keys are pressed at once. This can significantly enhance the user experience in gaming, fast typing, and other intensive keyboard activities.

What is 6-key Anti-Ghosting?

When you go to buy an anti-ghosting keyboard or a mechanical keyboard, you will always see the term 6key anti-ghosting. 6-key anti-ghosting, also known as 6KRO, means that the keyboard can accurately register up to six keys pressed simultaneously. The “6” in 6KRO stands for six keys, and “RO” stands for rollover.

6-Key anti-ghosting features give you an advantage when you need to press multiple keys at once, which is common in gaming and some professional tasks. Some keyboards offer N-key rollover (NKRO), where “N” can be any number. NKRO keyboards can register an unlimited number of keys being pressed simultaneously, which may be more suitable for particularly intensive keyboard usage like gaming.

It’s important to consider your specific needs and the software you’ll be using when choosing a keyboard. Even though a keyboard may support multiple key presses at once, not all software can handle this. So, you’ll need to ensure your games or other applications support multiple simultaneous key presses as well.

How do I test my keyboard for ghosting?

This is a simple yet essential question: How can we identify ghosting on our keyboards? There are two main methods to detect ghosting. Let’s delve into this topic.

With the help of Manual Tests, You can also test ghosting manually. Open a text editor like Notepad or Word, press multiple keys simultaneously, and check to see if all the characters appear on your screen. It’s more efficient to test this with key combinations you commonly use, especially in gaming or when using certain software.

Through the In-Game Test, you might have already experienced ghosting without realizing it. If you’re pressing multiple keys at the same time to perform in-game actions and the actions are not being executed properly, you may be experiencing ghosting.

Is the anti-ghosting keyboard good?

Yes, an anti-ghosting keyboard is generally considered good and highly beneficial for tasks requiring simultaneous key presses. Primarily popular among gamers and professionals, an anti-ghosting keyboard provides precise and reliable input by accurately recording each keystroke, even when multiple keys are pressed at once. This accuracy significantly improves user experience during gaming, fast typing, and other intensive keyboard activities. It is an excellent choice for users seeking responsive and uninterrupted performance from their keyboard.

How do I turn off the keyboard rollover?

Generally, keyboard rollover is a hardware feature that cannot be turned off directly through settings. However, some gaming keyboards or mechanical keyboards with software utilities might allow you to change the rollover mode. Consult your keyboard’s user manual or the manufacturer’s website for specific instructions. But remember, turning off key rollover might lead to issues such as ghosting, especially when pressing multiple keys simultaneously.


Ghosting on your keyboard may be happening due to three main reasons. Firstly, the hardware of the keyboard may be unable to detect some key inputs. Secondly, your computer’s software may not support multiple keys being pressed at the same time. Finally, the method of communication between your keyboard and the computer may limit the number of keys that can be pressed simultaneously. These issues highlight the importance of using a mechanical or anti-ghosting keyboard.

Thus, we have composed a comprehensive article about keyboard ghosting. High-quality keyboards, such as anti-ghosting keyboards and mechanical keyboards with N-key rollover, offer effective solutions against ghosting.

Now, the ball is in your court regarding what action you wish to take against this issue.

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