What is Passive Noise Cancellation (PNC)

What is Passive Noise Cancellation (PNC)

PNC stands for passive noise cancellation in headphones and earbuds. With the help of size, diameter, shape, and material in the earphones and headsets, noise reduction via physical obstruction is called passive noise cancellation. Let’s understand passive noise cancellation with these two easy examples.

Passive Noise Cancellation (PNC)
Passive Noise Cancellation (PNC) is a noise cancellation technique that involves blocking noise with a physical obstruction, like an ear cushion.

When you wear your headset, passive noise cancellation reduces the noise you hear around you. Because EarGel buds are so effective at creating the best seal in the ears, consider purchasing a wireless headphone that includes EarGel buds.

For Example:

  1. When you see a headset, you see the earcups that cover your ears, which is the general mechanism of passive noise cancellation.
  2. When you buy an earbud or any headphone, In-Ear-Headhpone, headset, wireless earbuds, or maybe a neckband, It comes with gel or soft silicon buds that block your ears, which is called passive noise cancellation.

Does passive noise cancellation better in terms of ears

It is completely safe for the ears, so there is no need to be concerned. Just make sure to get a headset with soft earcups and buds. Passive noise cancellation is completely safe to use. You won’t have to worry about hearing loss if you listen at a safe volume level. In fact, by allowing you to listen to music without turning up the volume, this method can protect your hearing.

Does passive noise cancellation require power?

The passive noise cancellation technology in your headset does not require additional power. Each headset has the benefit of passive noise isolation. Still, customized earphones, earbuds, neckbands, and headphones are some of the best passive degree earbuds because they create a comfortable fit with soft silicon buds and a secure seal.

Which technology has better sound quality between ANC and PNC?

Passive noise cancellation vs. active noise cancellation

Because ANC earphones and headphones generate opposing noise to cancel out ambient noise, while passive noise-canceling earbuds and headsets deliver pure sound. As a result, earbuds with better passive noise cancellation tend to sound purer. ANC is also better, but it mixes extra sound waves, which can cause hissing and be uncomfortable and unreal sometimes. Passive noise cancellation is softer, purer, and superior to both.

FAQ – What is Passive noise cancellation?

Is active noise cancellation harmful?

Active noise cancellation is not risky. ANC technology does not use any harmful waves or radiation. ANC headphones are not harmful to your hearing.

Which is more comfortable from both technology of active noise and passive noise cancellation?

Custom-molded and custom-fitted earbuds and earphones provide the best passive noise isolation. So yes, passive noise-canceling earbuds are more comfortable than ANC earbuds.

Which technology (ANC and PNC) has better sound quality?

Because it blocks ambient noise without adding noise or distortion, PNC is trusted by musicians and music purists. Because ANC earphones and headphones generate noise to cancel out environmental sounds, passive noise isolation sounds purer. As a result, passive noise-cancellation earbuds typically have better sound quality.

Which sound technology is safer from ANC and PNC?

Both ANC and PNC earbuds are safe to use. If you are listening at a high volume for a short period, both passive noise isolation and active noise cancellation are safe to use.

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