What is Watt in Appliances

If you need clarification before buying the product which shows the power consumption in watt (w) and you need help understanding, read this article to quickly get the meaning of watt.

we will give information about the watt and its use and what is the meaning of the watt which is denoted by W. This watt definition is related to appliances that are used in your home and we reviewed and make the top list of home appliances.


It is the amount of energy consumed by the appliances in 1 hour, and 1000 W means 1 unit of electricity.

Power consumed by the appliances is shown in Watts and Kw/h. We are 1000 watts, which is equal to 1 kilowatt.


W = Watt

H = Hours

1000W = 1kw/h (kilowatt per hour)

750W = 1 HP (horsepower).

W= W/H

It is an industry-leading measurement of power, denoted by W, and it was invented by James Watt in 1776. 

And the watt power unit is used by every electrical appliance and non-electrical appliance. For example, your home ceiling fan is 70 watts, and your water motor is 1 HP because 1 HP means 750 W.

If you want to calculate the electricity consumption of appliances we will help you and make it easy for you to check out this.

We will show the common home appliances with their watt uses.

How to calculate electrical appliances’ electricity consumption

Product NameRequired Watt
LED light5W – 100W
Fan5W – 100W
Exhaust Fan30W – 40W
Ceiling Fan65W – 80W
Water Heater (Geyser)1000W – 6000W
Immersion Rod1500W – 3000W
Air conditioner3000W – 3500W
Refrigerator350W – 750W
Room Heater1000W – 2000W
Television (Smart TV)30W – 150W
Soundbar20W – 1000W
Home Theater30W – 150W
Bluetooth speaker5W – 500W
Washing Machine400W – 1500W
OTG Oven1000W – 2000W
Microwave Oven600W – 2000W
Air Fryer1000W – 2300W
Mixer Grinder1500W – 750W
Wet Grinder500W – 750W
Cold press juicer200W – 1000W
Hand blender100W – 750W
Hand mixer200W – 300W
Water Purifier20W – 30W
Air Purifier40W – 200W
Printer300W – 500W
Coffee Maker750W – 1300W
Monitor35W – 80W
Electric kettle1200W – 3000W
Electric Vegetable Chopper250W – 500W
Electric coil Stove2000W – 5000W
Treadmill600W – 700W
Appliances Electricity Consumption in Watt
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