WhatsApp Issues Warning: Beware of Phone Hacks via International Calls

In recent days, WhatsApp users in India have been bombarded with voice and video calls from unfamiliar international numbers, including +82, +62, and other country codes. This has sparked concerns about the possibility of these international WhatsApp calls being used to hack phones or steal personal data.

Addressing the issue, WhatsApp has acknowledged the problem and provided guidance on how users can protect themselves:

  1. Block and Report: WhatsApp advises users to promptly block and report the specific numbers involved. The company has labeled these calls as scams and strongly urges users to refrain from clicking on any links or engaging with these suspicious calls.
  2. Adding a Safety Feature: To further enhance user privacy and security, WhatsApp could consider incorporating a feature similar to one found in Telegram. This feature allows calls only from contacts saved in the user’s phonebook. While WhatsApp already offers privacy settings such as profile photo visibility, status updates, and last seen, additional measures could be implemented to safeguard user privacy.

Considering the prevalent issue of spam calls in India, one of the top five countries receiving the highest number of such calls worldwide, it becomes crucial for applications like WhatsApp to promote digital literacy and provide robust security features.

It is essential for users to exercise caution when receiving calls from unfamiliar international numbers. Users are strongly advised not to engage with or disclose any personal information to these unknown callers. The most effective preventive measure is to block and report these numbers promptly.

WhatsApp users can take control of their privacy and ensure their personal information remains secure by remaining vigilant against potential threats arising from unsolicited international calls.

Please note that WhatsApp has not yet implemented the suggested feature, but considering the growing concerns, it might be a step in the right direction to safeguard user privacy in the future.

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