10 Best Earbuds Under 10000 in India 2022 June

You have the chance to seek the top earbuds under 10000 that you may purchase in India within your budget. Following Apple, a slew of other companies have begun developing low-cost TWS. You can visit the best earbuds under 3000 here. However, only a few companies are providing the best earbuds in this category of best true wireless earbuds TWS under 8000 to 10000. Consumers are left with many options, so to alleviate the confusion, we have compiled a list of the best earbuds in 2022.

Initially, the TWS market boomed after 2020. These TWS brands only offered good sound and connectivity but boomed because of wireless features. However, Apple is no longer the top or selling brand for fantastic music, gaming, and other things; many local and affordable brands offer the best features only available in premium headsets. The Rs10,000 price range, on the other hand, is a hot spot for earbuds with superb sound quality and various capabilities that rival even luxury earphones.

Well, most consumers seek affordable TWS earphones, so those who can’t buy the premium TWS earphones can buy affordable ones here. In our list of premium earbuds, we have picked up the best TWS earphones available for under Rs 10,000. These include brands like Samsung, LG, Oppo, Boat Skullcandy, Beats Studio, Nothing, OnePlus, and others. 

In TWS earphones, the best of 1oooo TWS is below the flagship or premium category. However, certain prominent companies, including Samsung, Sony, Jabra, Skullcandy, and Sennheiser, make the TWS for quality and performance. You don’t have to be confused or trapped when looking for the finest earphones because we have compiled a list that our experts created after analyzing the devices, their quality, and services and reading a lot of consumer feedback online.

Buying Guide

  • If you need more premium design and high-quality sound so choose these TWS earbuds.
  • The Active noise cancellation is superior to ENC Environmental Noise Cancellation.
  • Premium TWS Earbuds come with Wireless Charging Case so they can be charged with your smartphone’s wireless charge which gives you extra convenience.
  • The Dolby Atmos feature will increase the sound clearness so users can listen to the in-depth sound.
  • LHDC codec is a better audio-transferring code than the AAC.

Let’s know about the best earbuds under 10k.


JBL Live Pro+ TWS



  • Active noise cancellation
  • 6-Mic Technology for Crystal Clear Calls.
  • Wireless charging support.
  • Most selling earbuds under 10k.
  • Value for money due to its performance and features.
  • Wireless charging support claims the brand.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Loved Bass-heavy.
  • Passive noise cancellation feature.
  • 3 mics in each for better audio and calling.
  • Excellent design of the charging case and rated with ipx4 buds.
  • Build quality is good.
  • Dual connect or multiple connect is not available.
  • No support for Dolby / Dolby Surround at this price point.
  • No passive low latency mode.
  • No Aux.


JBL Live Pro+ is the successor to its previous model, and it is still a well-known brand when it comes to audio devices. If you want to upgrade your TWS earbuds, the JBL Live Pro+ is the way to go. It boasts Adaptive Noise Cancellation, is an excellent performer, and has a large battery backup that allows for 25 to 28 hours of playback. The JBL Live Pro + has been improved with 6 microphones for better and clearer calling quality and active noise cancellation features that improve your calling experience even in windy conditions.

We ranked it top in our list of the best earphones under 10K in India since it has various distinguishing features that improve its performance and quality. It supports wireless charging, which is extremely good in this price range. You may charge this with a flagship or your previous mobile phone’s wireless charging dock.

The Live Pro Plus is equipped with 6 mics (3 in each), which is excellent. It can reduce all the noise in the background. And there are now 6-mics between both earphones for clear call clarity. With a feedback mic for wind suppression and environmental noise reduction, as well as two beamforming mics to capture your speech with crystal clarity, these TWS allow you to seamlessly move from tunes to flawless group calls.

Again, it has a solo pairing or Dual Connect & Fast Pair feature, where you can use the single bud with all the features. This feature helps you keep an ear on your surroundings.

It’s “talk through” under ambiance mode, which is helpful. If you want to listen to your surroundings, enable it via its application, and it will feel like a hole. Then you will listen to the outside conversation. You can also set a preset EQ via the app, which will amaze you.

When it comes to sound, it is just great. Great sound, good bass, and everything else are incredibly decent for the price (treble, mids, and highs). However, it only supports SBC and not the higher codecs such as APT and ACC, making it unsuitable for “hardcore gamers. However, mobile and non-competitive gaming is excellent, including the fact that they deliver excellent audio.

Overall, it’s the best option for multitasking. You can use it for calls, at the moderate gym, or for listening to music. This is the best earphone under 12000 in India for multitasking.


OnePlus Buds Pro Bluetooth Truly Wireless in-Ear Earbuds with mic



  • Most rated earbuds on Amazon.
  • Wrap charging.
  • Dolby Atmos support.
  • Sophisticated premium design.
  • Wireless charging TWS.
  • Warp charging, 10 min for 10 hours.
  • LHDC audio support.
  • Dolby Atmos support.
  • Good battery life.
  • Decent ANC and transparency mode.
  • Comfortable and secure fit.
  • IP55-rated earbuds and IPX4-rated charging case.
  • Outstanding Active Noise Cancellation performance.
  • LHDC codec is supported only on a few phones.


The OnePlus Buds Pro was released in 2021. Yet, it remains one of the most exquisite earbuds under 10,000 and a popular choice due to its excellent performance. The minimalist design entices you to wear it in your ears, and it is a terrific comfort earbud if you wear it for an extended time. The sound quality is good for the price of Rs 10,000. The earbuds are IP55 rated for water and dust resistance, while the case is IPX4 rated. Most brands do not divulge the charging case safety grade, but Buds Pro did.

Let’s talk about the sound profile. Sound is essential to every audio piece in this pair of TWS earphones. These earbuds are significantly louder thanks to the robust 11mm dynamic drivers. OnePlus has done an excellent job with audio optimization, making the sound so balanced and punchy in many types of musical tones. However, if you are a basshead, the Buds Pro may not be suitable for your bass needs.

The OnePlus Buds Pro is a feature-packed set of TWS earbuds with (ANC) Active Noise Cancellation to reduce background noise, Qi wireless charging for hassle-free charging, and pressure-sensitive touch controls, app integration for customization and control, and many other features. The ANC function does an excellent job of shutting out unwanted ambient sounds. Its three microphones provide clear calls. With these performance features, it competes directly with Apple and Samsung in this market. As a result, our experts are still considering the best earphones in 2022 for Rs 10k.

OnePlus Buds Pro is a great option, but as we said earlier, Samsung is the direct competitor of the Oneplus, and we have an excellent option for this OnePlus Buds Pro in the name of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro | It has 99% Noise Cancellation, Wireless Charging, 28 Hours Playtime and many more options like Oneplus and 99 percent accuracy. And trust this is all available at less price than the OnePlus. Both are great pieces of art. Go ahead which one you want.

Skullcandy Push Active True Wireless Earbuds



  • IP55 water-resistant/ Durable.
  • Great voice command.
  • Best sports earbuds.
  • IP55 Sweat and Water Resistant.
  • The ergonomic design makes it sporty.
  • High-quality audio.
  • IQ Smart Voice Control.
  • Dual Noise-Reducing Microphones.
  • No Latency Mode.
  • No ANC.
  • Average call quality.
  • No wireless charging support.


Skullcandy is an older high-end brand that only employs wired earbuds. Skullcandy Push Active is a pair of true wireless stereo earbuds with a sports profile and an IP55 water and sweat resistant safety certification. This makes them ideal for workouts and intensive training because you won’t have to worry about your earbuds getting wet. Voice control is also included on the earphones, allowing you to modify volume, play or pause music, and do other things simply by saying it.

The Skullcandy Push Active TWS Earbuds have staggering 44-hour battery life. Without a case, the earbuds may last for around 10 hours on a single charge, and with the case, the playtime increases to 32 to 34 hours. It has a total playtime of 40 to 44 hours. When you remove the buds from the case, it informs you how much battery remains in the buds, which is a unique and excellent function.

It’s a sports earphone with good sound quality and many Spotify features. The Skullcandy Push Active only supports the standard SBC Bluetooth codec; nevertheless, due to the Push Active’s 360ms latency measurement, you may experience some audio-visual lag when streaming videos. This isn’t a significant setback. Overall, it’s a good pair of music earbuds that can produce balanced audio; it’s not a fully sound-centric earbud but a good headset.

It also features Built-in Tile Finding Technology, which is a great feature. Our lives are full of multitasking, and we often forget where we put our devices. For this reason, it has found a technology that ensures you can find your earphones directly from your connected mobile app. I recommend these quality earbuds for daily workouts and gym routines, and you can carry them while traveling and in physical activities. These features make it one of the best earbuds under Rs 10000.


Sony WF-XB700 Bluetooth Truly Wireless in-Ear Earbuds with Mic Extra Bass



  • Excellent audio quality.
  • Bass boosted their profile.
  • Great build quality.
  • Durable & sturdy build.
  • Comfortable fitting.
  • Excellent quality audio.
  • Superb bass output.
  • Good battery life.
  • Quick charging.
  • The sound quality is damn good as pricing.
  • Average battery life in today’s time. (negligible point)
  • Calling is just average in these buds.
  • No in-ear detection.
  • NO apt-X and LHDC.
  • No ANC.
  • IPX4 rating is relatively low for safety.
  • It’s old, so you can’t expect a low latency mode.


Sony was the first company to launch TWS in India. They are known for producing high-quality audio equipment and wireless items (earbuds, earphones) in terms of build, design, and sound. The Sony WF-XB700 has a 12mm driver for immersive sound. Because it’s part of the Extra Bass series, you can anticipate deep and powerful bass. The WF-XB700 TWS earbuds are an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality, lightweight, and comfortable-fit earphones that provide a clear and crisp sound. However, the IPX4 certification is a disadvantage because many brands offer, at the very least, an IPX5 rating (IP55 rating), which Sony does not.

Above, I mentioned Skullcandy earbuds, which are incredibly outstanding in terms of voice assistants. You can also use this Sony WF XB700 to communicate with your voice assistant. You can control your music with play/pause, phone calls with accepting and reject, and more without fiddling with your phone. All you have to do is double-tap the earbuds and speak your command.

This is an older model, but its features and quality still make our list of the best earbuds. Everyone is praising its three-layered design, which is admirable, but believe me when I say it has a slew of other genuinely remarkable characteristics, like 10-minute quick charging, heavy bass, comfortable fit, etc.

Well, it is an older version that came out in 2020, so its battery is now over age. The quick charge offers only one hour of playback, and the whole case and buds offer only 18 hours, but still, this is not bad. You can survive with this battery life and be under 7K. This is really great.

Well, it’s an audio profile earbud that is great in highs, lows, treble, and different music genres. You will be amazed at this price of Rs 7k. These Sony earbuds are still my favorite earbuds. That’s why our experts agreed to put this earbud on the best earbuds under 10k in India. 

Well, it’s an audio profile earbud that excels in highs, lows, and treble, as well as various music genres. This price of Rs 7k will astound you due to its performance. These Sony earbuds remain most people’s favorite earbuds. As a result, our experts think this earphone belongs among India’s top earbuds under 10K.

if you want another great option to buy than this sony, we have another best earbuds by Samsung. At the exact pricing, you can buy these exceptionally designed earbuds to go Samsung SM-R180NZNAINU Wireless Bluetooth in-Ear Headphone with Micit offers great sound output with heavy bass and, yes, great calling quality.

OPPO Enco X With Active Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Headset



  • Premium design.
  • Effective ANC.
  • Intuitive gesture control.
  • Nicely designed earbuds for the ear.
  • Sound profile earbuds.
  • Good ANC performance
  • Clear voice over the calling.
  • Intuitive gesture control
  • Wireless charging support.
  • It comfortably fits in the ears with extra ear tips.
  • Average battery life.
  • The quick charge does not support it.


Oppo is a Chinese smartphone and audio brand in India that is better in audio than mobiles and smartphones. This OPPO Enco X has an impressive Active Noise Cancellation for better calling. This clear calling makes it directly for the calling purpose. Also, it has balanced sound quality, making it all-rounder earbuds under 10k.

OPPO Enco X TWS earphones are suitable for everyone, including those who are hardcore audiophiles. Its coaxial dual-driver design is usually found in premium audio devices. With the dual-core chip and dual-microphone design, the sound quality is excellent. You can customize the music with the application with its impressive inbuilt sound profile.

The Oppo Enco X is the follow-up to the company’s previous Enco model. Oppo has now released these premium-looking earbuds for less than ten thousand rupees to provide a superior audio experience. OPPO worked with Dynaudio (one of the greatest brands in the market) to develop these industry-leading earbuds and audio headsets.

These earbuds have an excellent battery life of 25 hours. Still, they do not support rapid charging, which is a significant disadvantage because many manufacturers, even at a lower price, offer this feature. However, it supports wireless charging, which is incredible, in my opinion. However, if a user does not have access to a wireless charging dock, this capability will be unavailable to them. Hence, the quick charge is an essential feature.

Overall, it’s a decent pair for less than ten thousand rupees. These sophisticated earbuds may be used for calling, music, and work. They are one of India’s best TWS earbuds under ten thousand rupees.

If you have a budget issue and you want to buy another budget-friendly earbud, but with the same features and quality that are available in the Oppo Enco X, then you should visit Sony WF-C500 Bluetooth Truly Wireless in-Ear Earbuds, which are affordable, come with good battery life, fast charging, and excellent sound quality, even on call.

Beats Studio Buds Bluetooth Truly Wireless in-Ear Earbuds with Mic

Beats Studio


  • Great sound.
  • Amazing premium design.
  • Effective ANC.
  • The beautiful design.
  • Comfort fit and long-lasting build quality for both buds and the case.
  • Better sound quality with balanced tones of the music.
  • The ANC is great for calls.
  • Transparency mode.
  • Average mic.
  • No wireless charging. (pricing is also less, it is negligible)
  • Just an Ipx4 rating.


Beats by Dr. Drem is an American brand that is the latest in India that came up with this Studio Buds, which is quite impressive with its design. The Beats Studio Buds look amazing. This offers a flagship design under 10000. The Beats Studio Buds offer many notable functions in this single TWS, like Active Noise Cancellation, long battery life, touch controls, gorgeous design, etc.

Beats Studio Buds Bluetooth Truly Wireless in-Ear Earbuds is one of the most selling TWS earphones under 10K, which is impressive by its features. It has 8 hours of playtime in the earbuds on a full charge, and you can run for 22 to 24 hours with the case. 

It has excellent sound, and many users like the audio in every sound segment. Now you can control your sound with two distinct listening modes-Active Noise Canceling (ANC) and Transparency mode. Both modes can custom acoustic platforms and deliver robust, balanced sound.

You would be surprised to see this new brand in the list of best earbuds under 10k if we compare these Beats Studio buds with Oneplus buds pro and realme buds pro. It has better sound quality than both (they also deliver crisp and clear sound) but trust me, the Oneplus and realme offers far better backup than this Beats Studio Buds. Now it’s up to you which feature you want.


Jabra Elite Active 75t Earbuds



  • Lightweight and beautiful design.
  • Wireless charging enabled.
  • Fast charging with long battery backup.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Fully power-packed for music.
  • 15 mins charge for 1 hr 
  • 4-microphone technology 
  • App connect.
  • Effective ANC.
  • Lightweight and water & sweat-resistant.
  • Adjustable Hear Through Technology.
  • Comes in 3 different sizes of the earpiece.
  • IP57 water- and sweatproof.
  • Some connectivity issues while connecting to multiple devices.
  • Lack of an AAC codec.


The Jabra brand was formed many years ago and continues to provide customers with high-quality products. The JABRA Elite Active 75T is a little light TWS earpiece that debuted in November 2019 but is still a favorite of many consumers who choose these Jabra Elite TWS earbuds under 10K over other competitors. This Elite Active 75t TWS earphone is extremely pleasant in your ears and may be worn for an extended period of time. Each earbud contains a motion sensor, an indicator light, and a dedicated mode switch button. The earphones are also IP55-rated, which protects them from spills and splashes.

This stylish TWS is available in three great colors: black, navy, and light mint. You may make it your gym buddy because it is built for active lifestyles, with a secure active fit and IP57-rated water and sweatproof protection. It is ideal for sweat and some water splashes if you run in the rain.

The earbud, however, lacks Bluetooth codec and AAC functionality but is still an excellent choice for superb audio quality. Well, it has wireless charging support and an effective ANC mode, which are impressive. Its app support helps customize the sound of your workout soundtracks with the Jabra Sound app. HearThrough technology uses your buds’ mics to pick up external sounds and play them in your buds.

Jabra does not divulge the driver size. However, they can produce excellent audio quality and have adequate ANC. This is the best-selling TWS earbuds, and most people believe it to be the best TWS under 10,000. This is the TWS for you if you want a trendy, lightweight, and perfectly fitting TWS.

Here is a hack for you. If you want a Jabra TWS fan but have a tight budget, you can visit another piece of art by Jabra. And yes, this is for the JABRA FAN, The Jabra Elite 4 Active Bluetooth Truly Wireless in-Ear Earbuds with Mic.

Nothing Ear (1) Bluetooth Headset



  • The design is cool and lightweight.
  • Best for calling.
  • Wireless charging is compatible with all Qi chargers.
  • The unique and attractive design is so durable.
  • Comfort fit and light in weight.
  • The sound quality is Balanced & detailed.
  • Good ANC with two intensity levels.
  • Wireless and fast charging.
  • No aptX/LDAC codec support.
  • No significant cons at this price.


Nothing: A brand from the UK is new in India, which is entering India with its audio devices such as TWS, earphones, and speakers. Now Nothing is all set to launch its first smartphone mobile in India. Let’s see what they offer. Furthermore, we have this Nothing Ear (1), a brand new TWS earphone for under 5K. Nothing’s mid-range earbuds hit all the right notes regarding design, comfort, and sound quality. Because of their distinctive transparent style, these Ear(1) TWS earbuds have caused a sensation in the market.

The earbuds are extremely comfortable and superb in terms of sound quality at this price, which feels like premium TWS. This NOTHING TWS is equipped with powerful 11.6mm dynamic drivers and houses the latest Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity options, with support for both AAC and SBC audio codecs. This power-packed technology makes these latest earbuds so popular among Indian consumers. 

We have listed these earbuds in the best TWS at 10k, but their pricing is at 6k. Because the vocals and trebles are perfect, and the bass is good but not as booming, but it’s excellent and balanced. We can say the earbuds are adequately loud. The earbuds perform well during highs and lows, and you will enjoy the audio experience. The bass is not bad, but some audiophile users can get it as its cons, but it delivers better overall than the price.

The case supports charging via type C and also Wireless charging. Wireless charging is amazing in these mid-range earbuds. Its ANC works fine and provides a good quality voice-over-the-call and online gaming. Yes, you can play some moderate online games in this TWS. Overall it’s an all-rounder TWS under 10000 Rs. If you ask for its option, I will go with this Google Pixel Buds A-Series with Google Assistant Bluetooth HeadsetThese Google pixel buds come under 6k, and you can consider this google TWS over this Nothing Ear 1 if you want.


Creative Outlier Air V2 Bluetooth Truly Wireless in-Ear Earbuds with Mic



  • Different stylish designs.
  • Great music quality.
  • 10 to 12 hours of buds playtime.
  • A rising brand with quality and services.
  • Attractive Design.
  • IPX5 water resistance.
  • AAC and aptX support.
  • The sound is great.
  • Bass-heavy.
  • Charges quickly within 45 minutes.
  • It does not support Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify.
  • Buttons require a bit of force.
  • No ANC.


This latest addition to the list is an IPX5 CERTIFIED “Creative Outlier Air V2” Singapore brand that offers a lot for a low price. This Creative outlier air v2 has Bluetooth 5.0, which provides a robust connection and APTX AND AAC and GRAPHENE-POWERED AUDIO. These elements enhance and overpower your music experience. The 5.6 mm, graphene-coated driver diaphragm of the Creative outlier air v2 produces detailed highs, well-balanced mids, and immersive bass.

The Creative Outlier Air V2 earbuds’ built-in microphone with Qualcomm cVc 8.0 technology picks up your voice over the ambient for increased call quality and crisper voice communication.

The Outlier Air V2 is certified IPX5 water-resistant TWS earbuds and has a great battery life, which can run for almost 12 hours on a single charge. With the case, you can use it for 34 hours.

 The Outlier Air V2 is certified SUPER X-FI READY, which can recreate a professional, multi-speaker system with the SXFI App and provide enhanced and customized music to your taste. Everything is good in these TWS earbuds, but its drawback is also more significant because it does not support streaming content like Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify. Again it has No active noise cancellation, and these are its cons, or I would say the significant factor to avoid. Still, as I mentioned above, it has many factors to buying it.

If you want power-packed, most liked TWS earbuds, which are also most selling under the pricing 10k, you can go with this Huawei Freebuds 4I Bluetooth Truly Wireless in-Ear EarbudsFor once, go and visit the page and compare it with other brands in the list. You will be amazed by its performance.


Sony WF-1000XM3 Active Noise Cancellation (TWS)



  • Flagship design.
  • Location recognizer.
  • Calling is so good in the buds.
  • The strong build and design are so sophisticated.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Good battery quality.
  • Effective noise isolation.
  • Touch controls.
  • No aptX or LDAC support.
  • No sweat and no water safety rating.
  • No wireless charging.


Sony has introduced some improvements to this wireless earpiece compared to its previous model, which was also popular in the series. This Sony WF-1000 XM3 is power-packed with Sony’s QN1e processor, which can reduce the background noise effectively. Still, it can’t cancel the noise as ANC does. And it will give you an astounding look when you wear it in your ears due to its flagship, killer design.

Its Quick Attention Mode lets you turn the volume down instantly with a simple touch of your finger. Tapping on the left bud will reduce the sound instantly so you can listen to your surroundings.

Its location recognizer features will amaze you. This is a unique feature that is provided in this Sony TWS. This feature is beneficial for each user because we always use our gadgets and devices often, and in this case, these features will help you out.

There is another option over this Sony TWS. You can consider this Razer Hammerhead True Wireless – Earbuds – MercuryRazer Hammerhead for better online gaming and better audio quality. You can go with this Razer hammerhead for playing PubG.

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