Best Inline Exhaust Fan

If you are looking for a long-distance ventilation system, the inline exhaust fan is a good choice because it uses a duct pipe for passing the air over long distances, which is why this is known as a duct exhaust fan.

In metropolises, houses are compact, so some apartments are very close to downtown. This time you can use an inline duct exhaust fan for good ventilation inside your kitchen, bathroom, or any room because it can move air from a distance of 60 to 70 feet.

We recommend these 6 best-in-line exhaust fans after reviewing the other 30 exhaust fans. If you need clarification about which type of exhaust fan to buy, you can check out or buy a guide on the types of exhaust fans on the website.


WADBROS Inline Exhaust Fan WAD-IL-10


WADBROS inline exhaust fan comes with a 26-watt motor that can provide 200 M3/HR of air suction capacity, is built with an ABS plastic body with a weight of 1.4 kg, and supports a 4-inch duct pipe.
Because it’s lightweight, you can use this inline exhaust fan where you need it without heavy fittings. And with its motor, it uses less power, so it’s also a cost-efficient inline exhaust fan.

Reason to buy

If you are looking for the cheapest option for an inline exhaust fan for small rooms, this WADBROS exhaust fan is good for you because it consumes low energy.

  • The cheapest option in the market
  • Lightweight inline exhaust fan
  • Not water or chemical proof
  • Only for the small area because of less suction capacity.

Astberg AF150 (150mm/6″) (530CMH/311CFM)


  • Dual Speed Mode
  • high air pressure
  • Weather Proof


The Astberg AF150 comes with a two-speed mode: the first is high pressure (300Pa) that gives large airflow (530CMH), and the second is high efficiency and low noise (33 dB). because of 311CFM airflow. And this is possible with its 26-watt motor, which consumes 0.6 units daily.

And it is built with ABS material with Dimensions of ‎8D x 8W x 8H Centimeters, and the weight is 2.6 Kg which is average in this category. It is fit in 150mm size. And the brand will give a 2-year warranty.

Reason to buy

Because it is all weatherproof, you can use this inline exhaust fan in rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, green areas, gyms, and restaurants. And it removes the steam and moist air from more than one end, so you can connect this duct pipe in multiple rooms. With this feature, you can use this exhaust fan above the ceiling of the dining table so that other food odors do not mix.

Or if you need to charge the speed of this inline exhaust fan, it is possible with its switch so it can perform saving mode and performing mode.

  • 2 Speed Modes
  • Energy efficient
  • Low Noise Option
  • only for small area rooms.

Astberg AFB200


Astberg AFB200 is available in black color. And it comes with two airflow 850CMH and 500CFM, which are controlled by the button, and the motor is 70w made with copper winding which consumes 1.6 units in a day. Because of its 200mm size, it can connect with 6-inch or 8-inch duct pipe up to 70 feet or more. The Dimensions Astberg AFB200 is 8D x 8W x 8H Cm. As it previews the model, the size is the same, but swept volume is more. But weight is 3 kg 100 g.

Reason to buy

Its high air suction capacity allows it to maintain air ventilation within more than 80 feet of distance. So you can use this inline exhaust fan in large areas or rooms or even in the conference room, which means you can use it in coaching rooms and offices.

Or if you run a restaurant with a large kitchen where you cook spicy food which makes dark smoke and flame, this time its flameproof body will help you with a heavy kitchen inline exhaust fan.

Or you can select the highly efficient and high-performance mode according to your requirements. in multiple rooms simultaneously. And you can use it for a long time, 24×7.


Heavy Kitchen Exhaust


  • Fireproof fan
  • High airflow
  • Powerful motor


This Astberg AHT15-34 ceiling exhaust fan has a metallic fan that gives 450 CHM air flow with its 55-watt motor in a duct size of 150 mm that’s means in less size it sucks (cleans) more air and makes good ventilation. And has also an automatic safety wall inside the duct pipe connection so far if objects are not inter in this ceiling exhaust fan. By the way, this exhaust fan works on the centrifugal principle. That means it continues to suck the air from the environment (smoke high moisturize). And you can use duct for more than 15 feet with this ceiling exhaust fan because of

Reason to buy

This exhaust fan is a heavy-duty ceiling exhaust fan so it can be best suitable for hotel kitchens because of its metal rain that is flame Proof.

  • You can use this ceiling exhaust phone for industrial use like in a kitchen or restaurant.
  • and it is available in three sizes hundred 150 200 mm so you can choose wisely according to your requirement.
  • high build quality because of metal material
  • It is heavyweight so you cannot use it with an ordinary ceiling unit properly fitting for this.
  • During working it produces a high 48 dB noise level.
  • Quite a high price.

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