Evolving of Tech Landscape: Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet Market Share in India by 2024

In recent years, India has gained rapid flow in technology and increased internet accessibility. With a population of 1.3 billion, the Indian market presents a diverse landscape for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. It is a race toward a digital future, the market share of mobile, desktop, and tablet devices rapidly increases year by year. In this article we will dive into the projected market shares of these devices in India by 2024 and also read which one is better for us. 

About Mobile Market Share: 76.68%

Mobile phones have changed how we use the internet and make our lives easier. In India, the use of mobile phones increase a lot in the next few years, with about 76.68% of people using them by 2024. This is because phones are becoming cheaper, 4G and 5G networks are spreading fast, and there are more data plans made just for phones (Short-term and Long-term Plans). More people depend on their phones for talking to others, shopping online, using social media, banking, and watching movies or shows.

Market Share of Desktop : 22.83

As we know mobile phones have gained significant popularity , But desktop and computers still hold their ground in certain areas. By 2024, around 22.83% of people will still use desktops. Desktops are good for things that need a lot of power, a big screen, or doing many things at once. For example, people who design graphics, edit videos, make software, or play games often prefer desktops. Also, in offices and some jobs, desktops are still the main tools for getting work done every day.

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About Tablet Market Share: 0.49%

Tablets were once popular because they’re easy to carry and you can touch the screen, but they’re not as popular in India now. By 2024, only about 0.49% of people will use tablets. Tablets are like a middle option between phones and computers, but they’re not as good because they can’t do as much, and their screens are smaller. People in India prefer either the easy-to-carry phones or the powerful computers for work.

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Now, the Question is Which One is Better for Us?

Determining the best device among mobile, desktop, and tablet depends on individual preferences, needs, and requirements. Mobile devices, with their high market share, offer accessibility, making them ideal for users who want quick access to digital services on the go.

If you need a computer that works perfectly and has a big screen, then desktop computers are better choice. Desktops are often used in offices, creative jobs, and anywhere people need a lot of power and performance, even if it means the computer isn’t easy to move around.

While tablets currently have a minimal market share in India, they can be a good choice if you want something in between a phone and a computer. Tablets are popular for watching videos, reading books, or doing simple work on a bigger screen than a phone.

Pros and Cons of Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet

Mobile Phones:


  • Easy to carry around.
  • Can do a lot of things like calling, texting, browsing the internet, and using apps.
  • Usually have long battery life.
  • Affordable
  • Trendy look


  • Small screen can make some tasks harder.
  • Not as powerful as desktop computers.
  • Can be easier to lose or break because they’re small and portable.

Desktop Computers:


  • Very powerful and can handle demanding tasks like gaming, graphic design, and video editing.
  • Have large screens.
  • Can connect to lots of accessories like printers, scanners, and external drives.


  • Not portable
  • Take up a lot of space on a desk.
  • Usually need to be plugged into a power source.



  • Portable like mobile phones but have larger screens.
  • Good for media consumption like watching videos and reading books.
  • Touchscreen makes them easy to use for browsing and playing games.


  • Not as powerful as desktop computers for demanding tasks.
  • Limited multitasking capabilities compared to desktops.
  • Can be expensive compared to mobile phones.


In conclusion, the dynamic landscape of mobile, desktop, and tablet market shares in India reflects the evolving needs and preferences of consumers. Mobile devices continue to dominate the market with their convenience, while desktops are best for power users and professionals. Tablets, although experiencing a decline, still hold specific appeal for certain user segments. Ultimately, the decision of which device is better for us lies in our needs.

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