Heavy-duty AGARO Grand Commercial Mixer Grinder with 1400W India at Rs 5,380

The AGARO Grand Commercial Mixer Grinder 1400W is a powerful and efficient appliance designed for commercial kitchens. It is widely regarded as a top-tier product due to its robust motor, versatility, and durability, enabling it to handle heavy-duty grinding tasks.

AGARO, a leading brand, is known for delivering reliable and efficient kitchen appliances in the Indian market. The company focuses on offering affordable yet high-quality products to its customers. The AGARO Grand Commercial Mixer Grinder 1400W is suitable for heavy use in homes, cafes, and restaurants.

With its 1400W copper motor, this mixer grinder can handle demanding grinding tasks, such as coconut, turmeric, dates, and black salt. It features a heavy-duty coupler for grinding heavy loads and provides overload protection with automatic shut-off, making it a value-for-money product.

AGARO Grand Commercial Mixer Grinder Specs
AGARO Grand Commercial Mixer Grinder Specs

One of its standout features is the large capacity stainless steel jar with hardened steel blades, including a 3 L wet grinding jar and a 1 L dry grinding jar. This allows users to perform various tasks like grinding, blending, juicing, and extracting. The mixer also has an NY66-grade coupler, a safety lock mechanism to prevent accidental operation, and multiple speed controls (Low speed, Medium speed, High speed, and Pulse mode) for achieving the desired texture and consistency of food.

Built with high-quality materials, the AGARO Grand Commercial Mixer Grinder 1400W ensures longevity even with continuous usage. It boasts a robust heavy-duty ABS body, anti-rubber feet, and strong, transparent polycarbonate domes.

Quick Specs:

  • 3 Speed Settings
  • 100% Copper Motor
  • 1400W
  • Overload Protection
  • Heavy Duty
  • Hardened Steel Blades
  • Portable

Easy to Use:

  1. Place the desired jar on the base unit securely.
  2. Add the ingredients you want to grind or blend into the jar.
  3. Attach the lid tightly.
  4. Plug in the power cord and switch on.
  5. Use the control knobs or buttons to adjust the speed and settings as per your requirement.

The AGARO Grand Commercial Mixer Grinder features a sleek and modern design, with dimensions of 11D×5.5W×11H CM and a weight of 4.9 kg. Its compact size ensures it doesn’t take up much space on the countertop. The Agaro brand offers a 6-month manufacturing warranty and an additional 6-month extended warranty.

Price and Availability:

The AGARO Grand Commercial Mixer Grinder 1400W is priced at Rs 5,380. It is available for purchase on Amazon and AGARO’s official website. The mixer grinder adds a modern touch to your kitchen with its stylish Black and Grey color combination.

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