6 Best Home Security Cameras in india (1 Oct 2021)

Are you away from the house or on your location, Do you worry about your home security?

Do you have concerns about your home and family member’s security?

Let’s read this post about the best home security cameras that are secured, available and work as your eyes.

These days India is a developing country. Everyone wants to keep their houses, offices, factories and shops Secure. So home security camera companies are making smart cam and user friendly security cameras.

Today home security cam is smart and affordable, no concern about the price. You can buy these Ai Home Security Cam easily at the cheap price.

Whether you live in your home or rent a home, you want the best security camera system for keeping an eye on your home while you’re gone. Now there are so many brands that provide wireless CCTV cameras  along with the battery but it is the huddle to choose the right one piece for your need for home security.

So We listed below the best wi-fi enabled home security camera that are affordable, good video quality and some other features like night vision and two way talk features.

So why are you waiting, let’s begin to choose your home security guard!

Best Home Security Cameras in india

Product NameSeller
1. Realme Smart Cam 360Amazon
2. Mi Home Security Camera 360°Amazon
3. TP-Link Tapo C100Amazon
4. Qubo Smart Home Security CameraAmazon
5. D3D Smart Pan Tilt Home SecurityAmazon
6. Imou Ranger 2Amazon
Best Home Security Cameras in india 2021


Best Home Security Camera


Realme Smart Cam 360

Realme Smart Cam 360 launched in December 2020. Realme launched a security camera for the first time in India.
  • Night vision.
  • 128GB storage capacity.
  • Upright and Inverted installation.
  • Top-rated security cam.
  • SD card is not included in the camera.
  • Made in China may be a con for you.


– 360 Security Camera.

– 1080P Full HD.

– Voice Assistance.

– Motion Tracking & Intruder Alert.

– Control Via Realme Link App.

– 2 Week Non-Stop 1080P Storage Capacity.


This is a brand new Realme Smart Cam 360 that comes with 360 Degree vision that records at 1080P (full HD) also with the great night video quality. 

It comes with some great and different types of features like dual rotating motor and real-time bad incident detection and it can automatically send a push notification alert.

Its low light video capturing feature provides extra security to your house and office also it can store up to 128GB of storage capacity.

It can detect real-time motion so you can control your pet and child’s movement in your house from your desk.

It comes with security so no one can play video and copy the video easily because it comes with TLS 1.2 transmission encryption.

Realme Cam 360 has one more great feature that extends the wifi connectivity in your Hotel, Large houses, School, and Factories. Its features provide the best connection among all the security cameras.

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360° Home Security Camera

  • Control over MI home application.
  • NAS storage feature.
  • Comprehensive encryption secures your privacy.
  • Upright or inverted installation.
  • 2 variants
  • Only 64GB of storage capacity.
  • Made In China.


– Best Selling Home Security Camera.

– 1080P Full HD Recording.

– Talkback feature(2-way audio).

– 360°All-round vision.

– AI-powered motion detection.

– Encrypted data transmission.


MI home security camera is one of the famous and best-selling home security cameras in India. Mi launched its two variants in India and both are best selling CCTV cameras by Mi.

This home security cam is a WiFi-enabled camera that has AI-based smart rotating vision that is able to detect anomalies movement in your house, office, and at your outdoor places.

It comes with an Infrared night vision feature that’s very helpful during the night and thieves and any unwanted movement can easily catch on the camera.

If you are outside of your house you can always talk to your family using the camera.

Just download the Mi Home application and you can connect easily with your camera and you are able to watch the videos that the camera saved in the micro SD card and your backup all the storage by the NAS.

You can place the camera how you want, at the desk or upright on the wall or inverted. 


Best Selling Home Security Camera

TP-Link Tapo C100

TP-Link is the most rated name/brand in home security and appliances. TP-Link provides all the accessories at the best price and features.
  • Motion detection.
  • Alarm system.
  • Wireless control.
  • Privacy mode.
  • Good video quality.
  • Made in China.
  • Build quality is average.


– Best Selling Home Security Camera.

– Full HD.

– Voice Assistant- Alexa and Google.

– Wifi Spy Security Along With Two Audio.

– Advanced Night Vision.

– Stores up to 128 GB on a microSD card.


TP-Link has a number of variants of the security camera and different line-up but at this cheap price, C100 is the only home security camera by TP-Link that is most selling and most affordable.

Under 2000 rupees C100 gives you most of the features inside. You can store up to 128GB storage by SD card. You can store up to two weeks of non-stop data in the micro SD card.

It Comes with Two-Way audio that is able to talk to someone from inside. The night vision camera is really amazing for the outdoor location of the house, offices, factories, and some other locations for your pet and children, it can capture 30ft visual distance clearly.

TP-Link has two variants of this series C100 and C200.

C200 is a very good home security cam in our opinion, but if you need a cheap and good video quality security cam,  you can buy this C100 and if you really want the best quality security camera, buy C200.


Home Security Camera with Cloud Storage


Qubo Smart Home Security Camera

Qubo is India’s first Home Security Camera that provides the best service along with the features. Its one of the great features or services is a cloud storage service that is in India.
  • Customer support on call.
  • Best video quality during day and night.
  • Multiple Mounting Options.
  • IP65 weather resistant.
  • Clear audio and video quality.
  • Built-In Alarm System.
  • Application is a little bit laggy.
  • Indian brand but manufactured in China.


– Cloud Storage facility in India based server.

– India’s First Home Security Brand.

– Weather Resistance IP65.

– Crystal clear video quality at night.

– secured with AES128 Encryption.


Qubo Smart Home security cam comes with a 2MP camera that provides Full HD resolution. Its infrared night vision quality is realistic and its motion detection feature is one of the great features I found. 

You can mount this Qubo CCTV camera on your wall, on the desk and offices, factory, house, gallery, and outdoor locations of the house. Also if you need assistance for installation just call customer care and they will provide you with the best resolution on that.

A 110-degree wide-angle camera provides almost all of the activity that could be suspicious outside.

It’s two talk feature is also a good feature for talk and voice assistance. You can connect it with your phone and enjoy the connection wirelessly.

Qubo Smart home camera comes with weather resistance. Its IP65 ensures safety against all weather conditions. You can place this camera in  Heavy rainfall, dust storms, snowfall, or hot summers because its IP65 safety features provide security.

Data leakage or hacking is the biggest concern so Qubo comes with AES128 Encryption that ensures data safety against data leakage.


Wireless 360° Home Security Camera


D3D Smart Pan Tilt Home Security

D3D provides the best service in the home security segment. It comes with almost all the genuine features that you need in your home security.


–  Up to 30 Ft Night Vision.

–  360 Security.

–  Cloud Recording & SD Card.

–  2 Years Brand Replacement Warranty.

–  4x Digital zoom.


The installation is super easy, you can place it on the desk or you can mount it on the wall as your need. 

Its Infrared night vision provides a rich quality of the video and it can capture up to 30 ft. far objects. 

It’s video quality I would say really good.

It has all the features that should be in a home security cam. You can connect it via Wi-Fi and its application has many features to use it.

It comes with real-time push notification and alarm and the cam supports 128GB storage capacity so you can able almost 2-week storage non-stop.

After purchasing the camera you are able to use cloud service free for one month then enjoy it with the subscription.


Home Surveillance Camera with Human Detection

Imou Ranger 2

Imou Ranger 2

Imou is the best home security appliances brand in India. It makes cameras, alarms, doorbells, door locks, NVR, and other security accessories.
  • Best video quality.
  • 50% Reduced storage.
  • Perfect Night vision.
  • Diversified storage. 
  • Application control.
  • Distorted sound quality.
  • Made in China.


– Best Rated Indoor Security Camera.

Two Way Talk.

– 1080P Video Recording At Day And Night.

– Siren Alert While Baby Crying/Pets/Aged.

– 360 Monitoring.

– Privacy Mode.

– Storage Capacity Up To 256GB.


Imou Ranger 2 is an affordable and best-featured security camera under 2500. It comes with 360-degree surveillance along with the best night vision video quality.

Imou has some extra features than other cameras at this price. You can use a 256GB of memory card that runs for a long time, and you can use the cloud service by Imou.

Its two-way talk feature allows you to talk from outside and to some unwanted guests. You can keep an eye on your child and the pets with this smart cam because its built-in speaker and microphone provide the best audio with echo cancellation.

Best Home Security Cameras in india 2021

6 Best Home Security Cameras in india 2021
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