Best Printer for High-Volume Photocopying and Faster Printing Needs

In today’s fast-paced digital age, the demand for efficient and rapid printing solutions has never been higher. Best Laser Printers for Faster Printing cater to those who can’t afford to wait long for their documents, while Best Laser Printers for Bulk Printing serve those with hefty printing tasks.

But what is the best printer for mass printing at home? From businesses to personal projects, there’s often a need to produce multiple copies at once. Whether you’re asking, “Can a printer print 1000 pages?” or inquiring about machines that can churn out 300 to 2000 lines per minutes, the answer lies in the realm of high-capacity printers. and in this article, we have added them.

The question of which printer is best for printing a large amount of copies can vary based on your specific needs. Brands like Epson have made a name for themselves with their Epson printer for bulk printing. When seeking the best printer for bulk printing or a laser printer for bulk printing, it’s essential to consider both quality and volume. Small businesses may lean towards the best high volume printer for small business, while larger operations might require a high-volume commercial printer.

So Let’s dive in as we explore these categories and find the ideal printer for faster printing needs and bulk print needs.

HP LaserJet 3004dw Duplex Printer₹21,520
Brother DCP-B7535DW Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer₹19,478
Canon Image Class LBP-312X Laser Professional Printer₹76,990
Epson Eco Tank L6580 Wi-Fi Duplex Multifunction ADF Ink Tank Office Printer₹84,915
Brother HL-L5000D Business Laser Printer with Auto Duplex Printing₹21,990
HP Laser jet Tank 1005w Printer₹21,999
Best High Volume Printers in India

HP LaserJet 3004dw Duplex Printer: Black & White Fast Printing Up to 33ppm, Easy and Secure Setup, Smart App Enabled


  • Ergonomic aesthetics and compact design.
  • Self Reset Dual Band Wi-Fi with self heal.
  • Fast Printing up to 33ppm.
  • You can take prints through the mobile app.
  • Automatic two sided printing.
  • It has high capacity and durable Cassette input tray to maximize uptime.

HP is considered for a reliable printer. It is an established brand altogether with laptop. This HP Laser Jet 3004dw Duplex Printer is great option under a good price range for a team working space where just install it and it will give you prints continuously even without change the pages manually.

It has auto duplex that not only saves the pages but increase the productivity and saves the time for each member of the office due to smart connectivity options such as USB, Wi-Fi direct and of course mobile app that allows you to take prints from anywhere in your working space.

In terms of speed, it gives you 33 pages per minute that saves your important time too.


  • Faster speed.
  • Good price range.
  • East to setup.
  • Rich connectivity options.
  • Best for office and a team working area.


  • No display.
  • No scanner.

Brother DCP-B7535DW Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer with Auto Duplex Printing & Wi-Fi


  • An elegant design.
  • Auto Duplex Printing.
  • Toner Box Technology.
  • Auto Document Feeder.
  • Auto-Duplex, Double Sided Printing.
  • Multi compatible printer with Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • Faster printer with 34 PPM.
  • Strong build quality.
  • Multi connectivity options such as mobile device printing and scanning.

The Brother DCP-B7535DW Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer is a professional-grade machine with outstanding compatibility and multifunctional capabilities. It boasts impressive print speed and a scanner, making it the perfect choice for an office space.

The printer features automatic double-sided (Auto Duplex) printing, which not only saves time but also enhances productivity.

As a Wi-Fi-enabled printer, it allows you to print and scan directly from a mobile app, eliminating the need to physically load your document into the printer.

When it comes to compatibility, it works seamlessly with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Additionally, it supports Android mobile apps. Isn’t it an excellent choice for office and business printing and scanning needs? If you require bulk and fast printing, the Brother DCP-B7535DW Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer is an ideal choice, especially given its competitive price point under Rs. 20,000.


  • The ergonomic design.
  • It comes with auto duplex printing.
  • Wi-Fi printer that can take prints and scan directly through your mobile app.
  • It can carry 250 paper in the tray.
  • Good build quality.
  • Best for office and businesses.
  • Good price range.


  • No major cons.

Canon Image Class LBP-312X Laser Professional Printer 43 PPM Duplex, Network, PCI/PS


  • Printer for bulk prints.
  • You can keep 550 or a whole box of a paper.
  • It has ‎1 GB storage capacity.

The Canon ImageClass is another reliable series and brand. The Canon ImageClass LBP-312X is a fast and top-tier bulk printer and copier. Being a laser printer, it can deliver 43 pages per minute after a couple of prints.

The Canon ImageClass LBP-312X Laser Professional Printer features a display and intuitive control buttons, making it user-friendly. It’s easy to operate and even replace the cartridge yourself, eliminating the need for professional assistance.

In conclusion, if your budget permits and you’re seeking a dedicated bulk photocopy printer, the Canon ImageClass LBP-312X Laser Professional Printer stands out as a perfect choice for a compact and reliable printing and scanning machine.


  • 43 PPM speed.
  • Auto two sided printing.
  • Professional printer for large office area.


  • It consumes high power.
  • Only USB connection.
  • Since it is faster so it make noise.
  • An old model.

Epson Eco Tank L6580 Wi-Fi Duplex Multifunction ADF Ink Tank Office Printer with PCL Support


  • Auto-Duplex.
  • Three paper tray (2-Front Cassette, 1-Rear Feeder).
  • Print resolution of 4800 dpi.
  • Ink Tank Office Printer for bot color and monochrome prints.
  • All-in-one

This is the best commercial printer in India. The Epson EcoTank L6580 boasts all the features one would expect from a budget all-in-one printer, but it also offers impressive speed, diverse connectivity options, and multiple functions.

The Epson EcoTank L6580 is a Wi-Fi Duplex Multifunction ADF InkTank Office Printer with PCL Support. This rapid ink tank printer can produce color photos and prints, in addition to swift monochrome prints. Its three paper trays enhance productivity and save time.

This bulk printing Wi-Fi printer is ideal for large office spaces, common work areas, or team collaborative environments where multiple users can easily print, scan, and access it from their respective desks.

If budget isn’t a constraint, this is the best printer priced under Rs. 85K for compact yet heavy-duty use.


  • Compact design for a bulk printer.
  • It comes with Wi-fi.
  • This is an ink tank faster pritner that gives you 32PPM.
  • You can make color photocopies, photos etc.
  • Three paper tray.
  • Scanner.


  • Super expensive.

Brother HL-L5000D Business Laser Printer with Auto Duplex Printing


  • Compact and enclosed design.
  • 42 PPM fast speed.
  • Auto duplex printing.
  • ‎512 MB storage capacity.

The Brother HL-L5000D Business Laser Printer strikes a balance between fast printing and affordability. It’s an excellent fit for small offices and even for commercial purposes, thanks to its swift printing speed. The Brother HL-L5000D is a wired (USB) printer, and with its 42 PPM printing speed combined with the auto duplex feature, it stands out as one of the best choices for bulk printing needs and heavy-duty use.


  • It is rated very good.
  • Price range is also good.
  • Good option for office, common working place, business, an enterprise.


  • No major cons.

HP Laser jet Tank 1005w Printer for Home & SMBs


  • 3-in-1 Print+Copy+Scan.
  • An ergonomic design.
  • Dual Band Wi-Fi.
  • Smart Guided Buttons.
  • Mobile Printing.
  • Rich connectivity options with High-speed USB, dual band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE and guided mobile setup.

This is a printer that not only fulfills home and small office needs but is also ideal for small businesses and enterprises where there’s a need for scanning. Additionally, you can print wirelessly through its Wi-Fi connection.

The HP LaserJet Tank 1005w is a low-maintenance laser printer with an intuitive layout and controls. It features an LED display and button controls. Its compact design ensures it fits comfortably even in enclosed spaces.

If you’re looking to purchase a printer that meets all your needs and requirements in a single machine, this printer is the perfect choice priced under Rs. 20,000.


  • A long lasting printer.
  • A budget printer for heavy use.


  • Costly per page.
  • Lack of auto duplex.


Which printer is more suitable for bulk black and white printing?

Generally a laser printer is best for bulk and black in white prints. HP Brother, Epson are top contender for a bulk, faster printing needs.

Can a laser printer print multiple pages at a time?

In terms of printer types, a laser printer can print multiple pages at a time, from these printers Epson Eco Tank L6580 Wi-Fi Duplex Multifunction ADF Ink Tank Office Printer will be better in terms of speed.


In this article, we have compiled a list of the best printers for bulk printing needs. Navigating the realm of high-volume and fast printing can be challenging, but it’s clear that the right investment can vastly improve efficiency and output.

As technology advances, printers are offering both speed and bulk capabilities without compromising quality. For those seeking the best in high-volume photocopying and rapid printing, it’s crucial to balance specific needs with budget. A well-chosen printer can revolutionize your printing experience, ensuring consistent, top-tier results every time. So if you need a printer for office, bulk photocopies, and a vast printer needs, pick that suits your requirement and of course your budget.

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