Buying Guide for Pedestal Fan

The pedestal fans are to be installed to blow air in a specific direction and for convenience. These are good replacements for ceiling fans.

If you don’t have much free floor space in your home, you might want to consider replacing your ceiling fans with pedestal fans instead. During wet or cold seasons, they have the ability to both cool a room and assist with the drying of wet clothing.

It is also possible to change the direction that the air blows, which is a convenient feature. These fans typically come with a variety of speed settings, and the ones that are of higher quality operate silently. 

The pedestal fans are excellent because they come equipped with helpful features such as oscillation and powerful airflow. They are appropriate for use in domestic settings, as well as in dining establishments, nightclubs, and lobby areas.

They have stable bases, the height can be adjusted, and they have wheels, so they are easy to move around. You can find the best pedestal fan to buy by doing a price and feature comparison search online.

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What is a pedestal fan?

A pedestal fan is a type of electric fan that is actually portable and adjustable. It is mounted on a height-adjustable stand, allowing it to be placed on the floor or on a table at a desired height. The pedestal fan head can be tilted and oscillated to circulate the air in multiple directions, and it comes with both automatic and fixed circulation mechanisms. 

Pedestal fans come in different sizes, ranging from small personal fans to large industrial fans used in warehouses and factories along with home use. They are commonly used in homes, offices, and other indoor spaces to provide a cooling breeze during hot weather or to improve air circulation.

These days, the farmers and village families also use them because they offer portability, so to clean the grains, they use their high air delivery in a certain area to clean.

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Why do we need a pedestal fan?

Because they are extremely lightweight and, most importantly, portable. You can use them in a certain direction, which makes them so convenient to use. 

The pedestal fan offers technological advancement. You can buy one that comes with wheels to move it, and some come with a remote control like a smart ceiling fan. Also, they are compact and small in size. Anyone can use them like a tiny appliance due to their ergonomic and light design.

Along with affordability, they offer the best cooling for large sizes, air circulation, energy efficiency, portability, and customization.

The Usage of a Pedestal Fan

Pedestal fans are versatile, portable, and can be used in various settings and situations, including:

Home Use: Pedestal fans are commonly used in homes to provide cooling and air circulation in living rooms, bedrooms, and other areas of the house, and they are easy to move in any room or place of the home.

Offices and workplaces: Pedestal fans are also useful in office settings where multiple people may need to be kept cool or in warehouses and factories where air circulation is necessary. These fans are used as extra cooling fans for special occasions.

Events: Pedestal fans are often used at outdoor events, such as weddings or concerts, to keep attendees cool. If you organize or throw a party at your home or outside your home, these portable pedestal fans are very common and convenient to use.

Gyms and Fitness Centers: Pedestal fans can be used in fitness centers and gyms to improve air circulation and provide a cooling breeze during workouts.

Classrooms: Pedestal fans are also used in classrooms to keep students cool and focused during hot weather.

Cooling livestock: In hot weather, a farmer can use a pedestal fan to keep their animals cool and comfortable. The fan can be positioned in the barn or shed to circulate cool air and provide a breeze for the animals. Also, they use a pedestal fan to clean the crop or grains.

Drying crops: After harvest, some crops need to be dried to prevent spoilage. A farmer can use a pedestal fan to circulate air and speed up the drying process. The fan can be placed near the crops to help remove excess moisture.

Improving ventilation: In enclosed spaces, such as greenhouses, a pedestal fan can be used to improve ventilation and prevent stagnant air. The fan can be set up to move the air around and get rid of excess moisture, which can help plants grow and keep them from getting sick.

The purpose of a pedestal fan is to provide comfortable and cooling airflow in any space, making it more comfortable to live, work, and play in. Any type of person can use it for personal use, and we have already mentioned a farmer’s use of a pedestal fan.

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How to buy the best pedestal fan in India – A complete buying guide

After ceiling fans, a pedestal fan is another popular type of fan. You have already read about its usage and necessity. Let’s try to identify the key factors that you should keep in mind while buying a pedestal fan. Our experts mentioned a list of the best pedestal fans with prices in India.


Design must be an important consideration. Modern stand fans are attractive and blend in with their surroundings. A lot also depends on how and where tower fans are placed. You can have a neat and good interior with standing fans if you choose the right ones and place them appropriately.


When buying a pedestal fan, make sure to check its speed, which is measured in RPM (revolutions per minute). The higher the RPM, the faster the vehicle.


The blades are the most important factor in any fan. Most pedestal fans are used for home use, so for indoor use, a blade of 400mm to 450mm is enough. If you want to buy it for a large room, like a hall or a factory, use a big-size sweep pedestal fan.

Also, aerodynamic blades don’t make noise and are able to deliver more air than normal sweeps.

Air Delivery

It depends on your fan type. If you are buying one for your home, it depends on the size of the room or hall. And if you buy it for outdoor use, it should come with a higher CMM and higher RPM.


A pedestal fan’s characteristic or attribute is oscillation. If you don’t want a moving fan, don’t think about it because the oscillation function will cost more than a standard pedestal fan. The fan should oscillate for at least 60 degrees to function optimally.

The fan will blow a powerful stream of cool air while also dispersing it evenly thanks to this oscillation. You could relax in any area of the room thanks to it.

Power Consumption or Efficiency

If power consumption is important to you, a BLDC motor pedestal fan will save you up to 65% more energy than an induction motor pedestal fan. Nonetheless, they will be more expensive than a standard pedestal fan. Despite some induction fans using less energy, the majority require more energy when operating.


It is yet another essential component of a fan. Consider a copper-wound motor, which prevents corrosion and ensures durability and longevity. If you want to buy a power-efficient pedestal fan, consider a BLDC motor.


Consider a mesh or grill when shopping at online or offline markets to protect yourself from accidents. Because some models are available without mesh or grills and others with removable grills for washing and cleaning, consider which one belongs to you and fits within your budget.


In terms of construction, pedestal fans are extremely portable and customizable. They are designed in such a way that the heights can be adjusted to suit your needs. Most decent manufacturers now allow you to change the pedestal fan’s height to your liking.


If you frequently move a fan, then you can consider a fan that is light in weight and comes with wheels to move it.

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The pedestal fans become the best pedestal fans when you buy the top quality and best-performing ones. In this guide, we have written about how to buy the best pedestal fan, including all the major factors and the points that you should consider while making your purchase.

If you want to buy a pedestal fan online, read our next article on the best pedestal fan in India in 2023.


How can I choose the best pedestal fan?

When selecting the best pedestal fan, consider your needs and prioritize features like air delivery, speed, noise, affordability, durability, and size. For more information, please see our buying guide in the preceding post.

Is the tower fan and a pedestal fan the same?

No, a pedestal fan is not the same as a tower fan. Both have differences in their design or form factor as well as their working styles. A pedestal fan has open, large blades and a large base, whereas a tower fan is like a small cooler and is compact and smaller than a pedestal fan.

What is the difference between a table fan and a pedestal fan

Table fans work best in small spaces, such as a small shop, an office cubicle, or a single person. It is best suited for a single person. Pedestal fans, on the other hand, come with a long, detachable stand and are larger and better suited for larger spaces. These fans are typically lightweight and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
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