How to Replace Air Purifier Filter (Philips, Dyson, Sharp etc)

If you own an air purifier and don’t know how to change the filter, and you want to replace the filter, there are some basic safety points to keep in mind while changing or replacing the filter.

How Often to Replace Air Purifier Filter

Every manufacturer or company provides information about the device or purifier, such as how frequently the filters must be changed and other details. You must change the air purifier filter every 1 to 3 months (depending on the quality of the filter). Additionally, it will smell when needed to change or replace your filter.

With this 9-Steps Replace Air Purifier Filter
Filters are an essential component of an air purifier. For better air cleaning, filters require regular maintenance or replacement, so we should replace them as they become damaged or outdated. The filter structures are clog-resistant, preventing collected particles from escaping into the air. Please turn off your purifier while changing the filter, disassemble it, remove it, and replace it. Because each purifier has a unique design and mechanism, please read the user manual before disassembling and removing it.

Let’s know how to change the filter!
Check your filter health via the purifier’s application.
Each Air Purifier has its own application, like MI, Dyson, Coway, Sharp, Philips, LEVOIT, and TruSens.

check air purifier filter health
Check out the number of filters in the specification.
Most brands use these 3 filters a pre-filter, a Hepa filter, and a carbon filter.

Check the filter manually by taking it out from the purifier.
see the air purifier filter condition (check the filter waste)

Replace Air Purifier Filter
If the filter can be used after cleaning, use it for more time.
Extend your air purifier life span by just cleaning.
If other filters are available, clean them with a brush or vacuum.
Gently clean the filter via a vacuum cleaner (recommended)

Cleaning the Air Purifier Filter
Don’t use water for cleaning.
water will damage the HEPA filter by inserting the dust particle into the deep.

Water Washing
And take it out in sunlight for 24 hours (carbon filter).
Charge the carbon (activated charcoal) by ging the sunlight.

Filter in Sunlight
And insert the new filter.
Take out the new filter, remove the cover, and insert it into the air purifier.

Replace Air Purifier Filter
And check out the new air filter health in a mobile application.
after completing, these steps check whether your air purifier works properly working or not.

check air purifier filter health

Some precautions and essential points

Some air purifiers come with many filters that can be washable. Check it out in the air filter specification.

Don’t use water for cleaning because it damages the HEPA filter.

Check which filter is dirtier. Focus on this point when purchasing your new air purifier.

  • If a carbon (also called activated charcoal) filter is dirtier than others, you can prefer a carbon filter-based air purifier.
  • If the HEPA filter is dirty, you can consider the double-filter air purifier for your next purchase.

Check out our preferred best air purifier for the home and how an air purifier works.

FAQ- How to Clean the Air Purifier Filter?

Can we wash the HEPA filters?

No, you cannot wash the HEPA filter because it is made of polypropylene or fiberglass and is designed for the smallest particles ( 0.3 and 2.0 micrometers in diameter). And washing them will damage them. So, you can replace them after a certain period (maximum 3 months).

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