Zebronics Introduces Juke Bar 9550 Pro 5.2 Dolby Soundbar with 5.2 Dolby in India

Zebronics, a well-established brand, has unveiled the Zebronics Juke Bar 9550 Pro 5.2 soundbar in India. The key features of this soundbar include dual wireless subwoofers and satellites, RGB lights, powerful drivers, and more. This soundbar caters to those seeking excellence in a high-budget range. The Juke Bar 9550 Pro 5.2 soundbar is India’s first soundbar to have two subwoofers. This deadly combo is launched during the festival season. Let’s delve into the features, specifications, and pricing details of this soundbar.

The Zebronics Juke Bar 9550 Pro 5.2 Soundbar is a premium segment soundbar targeting high-end users and is the next version of the ZEBRONICS Zeb-Juke Bar 9500WS PRO Dolby 5.1 soundbar. The brand is focused on this festival season because people are considering soundbars for their new smart TVs during the Diwali season.

Zebronics Juke Bar 9550 Pro Dolby 5.2 Soundbar
Zebronics Juke Bar 9550 Pro Dolby 5.2 Soundbar

Zebronics Juke Bar 9550 Pro 5.2: Features and Specifications

The Zebronics Juke Bar 9550 Pro 5.2 soundbar features a unique style and sleek design with a premium glossy finish. It delivers an impressive 625W RMS output and boasts a 5.2-channel setup, complete with two wireless subwoofers with 125W×2 output drivers and dual wireless satellites with 75W×2 output. This soundbar upholds Signature Sound and features Dolby Audio.

In terms of connectivity, it offers 5.2 connectivity with HDMI (ARC), Optical IN, AUX, and USB. It has three powerful drivers, including 9×5.8 CM. The subwoofers have a 16.51cm driver, and the dual satellites measure 5.8×9CM. This soundbar’s user interface is enhanced with RGB LED lights and LED displays. You can mount it on the wall to free up your desk space.

Zebronics Introduces Juke Bar 9550 Pro Dolby 5.2 Specs
Zebronics Introduces Juke Bar 9550 Pro Dolby 5.2 Specs

This soundbar weighs 11,900 grams and is controlled by a remote. It supports USB pen drives with a memory capacity of up to 32 GB. The Zebronics Juke Bar 9550 Pro 5.2 soundbar delivers a surround audio experience and has a 40Hz frequency response.

Price and Availability

The Zebronics Juke Bar 9550 Pro 5.2 soundbar is priced at Rs 19,999. You can purchase it through Amazon and Zebronics’ official website starting from November 2, 2023.

Speaking at the launch, Co-Founder & Director, Mr. Pradeep Doshi said:

Zebronics, a brand with a 26-year legacy, is known for crafting cutting-edge products. The Zeb-Juke Bar 9550 Pro Dolby 5.2 exemplifies our vision turning into reality, making us the first Indian brand to offer a soundbar with dual wireless subwoofers. With Dolby Audio support, this setup creates a blissful experience for Home Entertainment enthusiasts, immersing the ambiance in cinematic sound.

Adding this soundbar to our lineup reinforces our commitment to providing ‘Premium for Masses.’ Each day, our idea of ‘Ab Home ko banao Home Theatre’ becomes more evident as we continuously innovate and stay ‘Always Ahead’ in revitalizing the home entertainment landscape.


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