ZEBRONICS Monitors Days Live! From 7th to 10th Feb on Flipkart

Introducing the Zebronics Monitor Days Sale! From 7th to 10th February, grab an extra discount as Zebronics offers an array of fantastic deals on monitors that will blow your mind. Whether you’re a dedicated gamer, a multimedia enthusiast, or simply looking to enhance your visual experience, Zebronics offers all types of monitors at an impressive price point.

zebronics-monitor-days-2024 From 7th to 10th Feb on Flipkart

Zebronics 32-inch ZEB-AC32FHD LED Monitor

This monitor offers an impressive visual experience at a mid-price range. Let’s discuss quick specs of the Zebronics 32inch curved full HD VA panel. Packed with impressive features such as 250 nits brightness, a 75Hz refresh rate, a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, 16.7m colors, 500000:1 contrast ratio. With an 8ms low latency, you can enjoy a seamless and immersive gaming experience. You can purchase it under 12k. 

Zebronics 24-inch ZEB-A24FHD LED 

If you’re seeking a slightly smaller screen size, the Zebronics 24-inch full HD VA panel is the perfect choice. With a 14ms response time, 250 nits brightness, VGA support, and a 75Hz refresh rate, this monitor presents better visual performance. Whether you’re in gaming marathons or watching your favorite shows, the Zebronics 24-inch monitor provides an immersive experience priced at only Rs 6,699.

Zebronics Pure Pixel 22-inch ZEB-EA122

This is for budget segment consumers. The Zebronics Pure Pixel 22-inch HD+ LED-backlit VA panel. With dual inputs and a 5ms response time. The 60Hz refresh rate ensures smooth transitions, dual input HDMI and VGA support, 20000000:1 contrast ratio. It allows you to enjoy movies and browse the web with ease. This monitor brings crystal-clear visuals to your desktop at an affordable price of Rs 4,699. 

Zebronics 21.5 inch ZEB-S22A 

The Zebronics 21.5-inch full HD IPS panel is a better choice for those who are seeking functionality under 6K. With a 6.5ms response time and a 75Hz refresh rate, this monitor delivers sharp and vivid images for an immersive viewing experience. Whether you’re working on creative projects or playing normal games the Zebronics 21.5-inch monitor provides a delightful visual experience.  

Zebronics 24-inch HD ZEB-A24FHD 

The premium Zebronics 24-inch full HD LED-backlit VA panel gaming monitor is excellent for those who are seeking functionality at a higher price range. Designed with gaming enthusiasts in mind, this monitor boasts an impressive 8ms response time and a staggering 165Hz refresh rate. The 300 nits brightness offers sharp and vibrant visuals, making every gaming session a truly immersive experience. It has both desk mounting and wall-mounting capability, this monitor is perfect for both casual and professional gamers and is priced at Rs 33,999.


As the Zebronics Monitor Days Sale is valid for a limited time, make sure to grab these incredible deals while they last. For those who are looking budget segment monitor then the Zebronics Pure Pixel 22-inch ZEB-EA122 is best option and for mid-range the Zebronics 21.5 inch ZEB-S22A  is recommendable the Zebronics 24-inch HD ZEB-A24FHD  is cater to premium segment consumers. Whether you’re a gamer, a student, or someone who appreciates high-quality visuals, these monitors offer incredible value for your money. Upgrade your viewing experience today with Zebronics monitors and get ready to immerse yourself in a world of stunning visuals.

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