Amkette AMP Audacity Digital Soundbar 1000 Review

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You may own a smart TV and be looking for the best soundbar at a reasonable price. We all know that the TV’s built-in speaker can’t generate the sound we want to hear while binge-watching, so especially for a smart TV, we need a soundbar that not only increases the sound but also makes watching movies, sports, and music more enjoyable and immersive like a theatre. Check out this Amkette AMP Audacity Digital Soundbar 1000 to improve your TV viewing of shows, movies, and other media.

The soundbar is one of the finest ways to enhance the audio on your Smart TV. It creates a theater-like atmosphere in your house. However, picking a decent soundbar can be very difficult. To improve your audio experience while staying within your price range, we are reviewing the Amkette AMP Audacity Digital Soundbar 1000 here. Moreover, you can view the live unboxing right here.


8.8Expert Score
Best Soundbar for Small & Medium Room

The Amkette Soundbar is a superb solution for the 32 to 48-inch Smart TV to improve the TV sound experience on a budget of ₹3,000. It comes with all possible connecting options.

  • In-Box HDMI Cable
  • 5 Connectivity Options
  • Not Automatically Connect Need Power Button
  • No Micro SD Card

Where to Best Buy


The AMP Audacity Digital Soundbar 1000 is made with a plastic body and a front-side metallic grill under an LED Light Display. From the left side of the soundbar, there are 4 buttons for power ON/OFF, play pause, previews/vol-, next/vol +, and the total weight of this soundbar is 0.95 kg. 

Overall the soundbar is compact, so you can use this soundbar Below the TV. And with its display, you can check the sound changes. Its 1.9 feet (60cm) length matches the 32 to 48-inches TV’s width with its black shine design looks like it is part of the TV.

And For your convenience, it gives dual controlling options, remote and side-mounted buttons. The soundbar’s weight distribution is good, balanced from every side, so you can place it everywhere you need. 


The Amkette AMP Audacity Digital Soundbar 1000 has 5 connectivity options: HDMI/ARC, Optical, USB, AUX, and Bluetooth 5.0.

Bluetooth connectivity separates this soundbar from this range of soundbars, making it portable. You can use this soundbar with a power bank.

With its remote control, you can control the level of bass, treble, volume, connectivity mode, and Equalizer modes, or you can mute the sound and power button.

This soundbar gives all possible connectivity options, so if you have an old tv or smart tv, you can connect this soundbar to it. With its remote, you can control the full functionality of the soundbar.


The Amkette AMP Audacity Digital Soundbar 1000 has 2 speakers and 1 subwoofer and combined, it is a 40W speaker and has 3 sound modes: music (E0), movie (E1), and news (E2). Bass and treble sounds can be charged up to 6 levels.

With its dual speakers and inbuilt sub buffer, you can clearly notice the difference between your TV’s speakers. When watching movies like action thrillers, where bass and treble sounds are vital in visualizing the current situation, this Amkette soundbar performs admirably.

And also, when you are listening to Indian music, you can adjust the bass and romantic sounds where the background music also gives the soul of the music. You can achieve this with its 3 sound modes and equalizer controller, allowing you to customize sound output according to your preference.

And all of their functions work with laptops, mobile phones, and TVs.

Are you a movie freak (Amazon Prime, Hot Star, Netflix) who enjoys every second of movies and TV shows like you? This speaker will be your first choice because of its affordable price, which gives the value for money option, and is suitable for 32 to 48-inch TVs.

Personally, I use this speaker with my old sony Bravia tv. Which has the HDMI Port, which is the best option for connecting the soundbar.

I noticed the noisy sound and then realized this was my TV’s sound, not the soundbar problem, but when I play the daily shows on my tv, the noise can not be noticeable.

Box Content

The Amkette AMP Audacity Digital Soundbar 1000’s box contains an HDMI cable and a power adapter. This complete package provides all the necessary accessories for a soundbar.

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