How to Clean the Exhaust Fan in 5 Steps

Your exhaust fan is important for removing unwanted particles, odors, humidity, and other things. Over time it becomes clogged with oil, grease, dust, dirt, and a variety of other things mixed in the air. Remove any grease from your exhaust fan as soon as you notice it to avoid unnecessary build-up and clogging within the fan wings, which will affect the performance of your exhaust fan in the future.

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Why do we need to clean the exhaust fan?

When you use a regular exhaust fan, it traps dirt and impurities, making its surface greasy and grimy over time. If you have a reversible exhaust fan, this dirty and cloggy Fan brings inside smells and stuffy air, filling your room with bad air. So it should be cleaned after a certain amount of time.

You should set aside 20 minutes to clean these important areas of your home because Diwali is more than just a time to do so. Take a look at these key points for cleaning your bathroom or kitchen exhaust fan!

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Clean your exhaust fan with these 5 easy steps to follow at home!

Before cleaning any exhaust fan, such as a kitchen exhaust fan, bathroom exhaust fan, ceiling exhaust fan, or bedroom exhaust fan, you will need some common household tools. Cleaning an exhaust fan is not a science; it is the same as any other cleaning.

5 easy steps to clean the exhaust fan
It would help if you had these cleaning tools, including a scrubbing brush or scrub or any piece of cloth, turpentine oil or thinner (you can also use baking soda, vinegar, kerosene, lemon, or detergent), a screwdriver set, and so on.
Dissemble the Fan:
The only difficult and time-consuming aspect of cleaning an exhaust fan is disassembling and reassembling it; otherwise, cleaning an exhaust fan is as simple as cleaning your bike. Just disassemble it safely first.

Dissemble the Fan:
Blow the air:
If you have a vacuum cleaner or an air blower, blow the dust from the exhaust fan’s body, or clean the dust with any cloth or towel.
For the mesh filter or cover:
After disassembling the exhaust fan, use a screwdriver to disassemble the mesh filter or cover; some local exhausts have a cover to keep intruders or birds out. Clean it with detergent, scrub, or whatever liquid you have on hand.
Clean the Fan or wings:
Use the prepared liquid or mixture of water and soap, or add a mixture of 1/4 ammonia, 2 tablespoons baking soda, and 1 cup warm water. And scrub it with the soaker or a small towel, clothe the entire body, and set it aside to dry.

Clean the Fan or wings:

If your exhaust fan has grease or sticky liquid at the edges of the Fan and wings, use any of the liquids mentioned above and clean it with a scrubber; it will clean easily with the thinner detergent or anything else we mentioned.
Assemble and reinstall the filter:
After thoroughly cleaning and drying the exhaust fan and body, reinstall the fan mesh. Make sure the hooks are tight and secure. Then reconnect the unit and use it as usual. You now know how to clean an exhaust fan if it has grease, dust, clogged, or any other sticky substance. You can clean and wash it in the same manner.

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FAQ – How do I clean an exhaust fan

1. Why do we need to install an exhaust fan?

Because it removes humidity and odors from the kitchen. In addition, if you don’t have one, the humidity in the bathroom can cause issues with the paint on the walls. A hot and humid environment is ideal for the growth of beeswax.

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