What is a Monitor

A monitor is a piece of hardware that decodes pixel-based graphical signals and serves as an electronic visual output device. More specifically, a monitor is a TV-style display device that decodes and shows the graphic output signal from your computer’s graphics card on the screen.

There are three major types of monitors (technology):

  • CRT monitor

The full name of a CRT (cathode-ray tube) monitor is “old televisions or monitors that use cathode-ray tubes. The CRT monitors’ working principle is that they are specialized vacuum tubes in which images are created when an electron beam collides with a phosphorescent surface.

  • LCD monitor

The full name of an LCD is a liquid-crystal display. These are examples of flat panel displays, which have replaced CRT displays. The concept behind how LCDs work is light blocking. Compared to CRT monitors, LCD displays are significantly more energy-efficient, take up less room, and have a better viewing angle.

  • An LED monitor

LED is an abbreviation for light-emitting diode. It is a semiconductor device that is the LED’s successor. Backlighting is provided by light-emitting diodes in LED monitors. When an electric current passes through it, it emits light. Electrons recombine with holes when current flows through an LED, resulting in light emission.

Basic Features of a Monitor

  1. Resolution 
  2. Aspect Ratio
  3. Panel and viewing angle
  4. Viewing angle
  5. Size
  6. Curved and flat designs
  7. Aspect Ratio

Difference between Monitor and Television

The mechanism of both devices is a major difference; otherwise, both appear to be the same at this time. The primary distinction between a monitor and a television is that the television has a channel tuner to change the channel. Monitors frequently have higher display resolutions, refresh rates, and pixels than televisions. A high display resolution lets you see smaller letters and fine graphics more clearly.

Because monitors have a higher resolution, the image is clear, neat, accurate, and sharp. Because televisions have a lower resolution, the image quality is smoother and more appealing to the eyes of the viewers. Monitors have less input lag. Input lag is greater on televisions.

Type of Monitors

There are some different types of monitors that are so good now. Like 

  1. LCD Monitors
  2. LED Monitors
  3. Curved Monitors
  4. CRT Monitors
  5. Flat Panel Monitors
  6. Touch Screen Monitors
  7. OLED Monitors
  8. DLP Monitors
  9. TFT Monitors
  10. Plasma Monitors

What is a TV (Television)

A telecommunications device and medium for transmitting moving images and sound over a wire or through space. It has devices that convert light and sound into electrical waves and back into light and sound. This overall mechanism is known as television. Televisions are used as electronic devices for viewing video content.

FAQ – what is a computer monitor?

Which brand of monitor is the best in India?

Samsung, Dell, HP, Acer, Zebronic, and BenQ are the top-selling brands in India and offer better quality at a very good price range. If you want to explore more, learn about the best Monitor in India.

Which monitor is best for eyes in India?

Samsung and BenQ are good for the eyes, but we have listed some monitors for long time work in the best list for long working hours.

Which monitor is good for working from home?

The anti-glare monitors are best for working from home. To avoid eye strain, consider using a monitor or turning on the anti-glare feature if you work for long periods during the day or night. We’ve compiled a list of the best monitors for working from home.

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