What Is ISEER in AC

To begin with, ISEER stands for Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. As a result, the ISEER rating is used to assess the energy efficiency of air conditioning units (AC) in India. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) uses the ISEER rating to certify the energy efficiency of air conditioners in India.

The ISEER rating considers changes in temperature, humidity, and other things that can affect how well an AC works throughout the year. This rating system is meant to help people make better decisions when buying air conditioners and to encourage companies to make products that use less energy. 

In the article What is ISEER Rating in an AC?, we will look more closely at the concept of ISEER and how it is calculated and used in the air conditioning industry.

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How is the ISEER rating calculated?

The ISEER rating is based on an air conditioner’s average cooling capacity and power consumption over a temperature range that reflects seasonal variations in India.

To figure out the ISEER rating, the energy use of an AC is measured at different operating conditions, which reflects the fact that temperatures and humidity change throughout the year.

In India, the BEE uses the ISEER rating system to ensure that air conditioners use as little energy as possible. The higher an air conditioner’s ISEER rating, the more energy-efficient it is considered. This rating system encourages manufacturers to create more energy-efficient air conditioners to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products.

Customers can save money on electricity bills, reduce their carbon footprint, and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future by selecting a more energy-efficient AC with a higher ISEER rating.

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ISEER RatingStar RatingCooling EfficiencyPower EfficiencyComparison
Up to 31PoorLowACs with this rating are less energy-efficient
3 to 3.292AverageModerate ACs with this rating are moderately energy-efficient
3.3 to 3.493GoodHighACs with this rating are relatively energy-efficient
3.5 to 3.994Very goodExcellentACs with this rating are highly energy-efficient
Above 4.05Super efficientOutstandingACs with this rating are extremely energy-efficient

What is BEE?

BEE stands for the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. BEE is a statutory body under the Ministry of Power of the Government of India. It was established in 2002 as part of the Energy Conservation Act of 2001. BEE’s primary goal is to develop policies and strategies in India that promote energy efficiency and conservation.

“BEE is in charge of coming up with and putting into action programs and policies to make buildings, industry, appliances, and transportation more energy efficient.” The organization comes up with standards and labels for products like air conditioners, refrigerators, lights, and electric motors showing their energy efficiency. 

BEE is a vital part of India’s plans to make sure it has enough energy, cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, and promote long-term growth. Thanks to its programs and projects, India has saved a lot of energy and used fewer fossil fuels. 

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FAQ – 

What Iseer value is good for AC?

The higher the ISEER value, the better the AC’s performance is. Consider AC with a higher ISEER rating.

Is a higher Iseer rating better?

Yes, a higher ISEER rating is always better. The higher the ISEER value, the better the AC’s performance.

What is the best Iseer rating?

A 5-star rating is always the best and the highest. It is the best energy-efficient air conditioner or any appliance with a 5-star rating.

Should I buy 3 stars or 5-star inverter AC?

It all depends on how you intend to use it. If you use an air conditioner for an extended period in a day, such as more than 18 hours, consider giving it 5 stars; otherwise, consider giving it 3 stars because there is little difference in less usage. However, if you use air conditioning frequently throughout the day, purchasing a 5-star AC is worthwhile.

Is the ISEER rating help to save electricity bills?

The higher the ISEER rating, the more efficient your air conditioner is. As a result, the ISEER rating aids in reducing electricity bills.


In 2018, the ISEER rating was made mandatory. The ISEER rating standard was used to revise the existing EER star rating brackets. Keep in mind that ISEER ratings for window and split air conditioners differ.

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