What is Noise Cancellation

When you buy headphones (earbuds), you always see the term “noise cancellation.” Noise cancellation is the technology in headsets and headphones that blocks or reduces Noise from music and ambient Noise. 

Noise Cancellation Meaning
Noise cancellation is a technique that blocks or cancels out unwanted background noise.

There are two types of noise isolation, noise-canceling features for ambient sound and noise-canceling features for calling and music.

Furthermore, there are two main noise cancellation mechanisms: one in the microphone, which allows the person on the other end of the line to hear your voice rather than the commotion in the bar from which you’re calling, and one in the speaker. Another is in the headphones themselves, which protect you – the wearer – from being disturbed by the same bar noise.

There are two major types of noise cancellation:

  1. ANC – Active Noise Cancellation
  2. ENC – Environment Noise Cancellation
  3. PNC – Passive Noise Cancellation.

ANC – Active Noise Cancellation

Active Noise Cancellation is the full form of ANC. It is a technology for reducing noise waves by adding a second sound wave designed to cancel the first. and it is used for LIstening to Music.

ENC – Environment Noise Cancellation

ENC is an abbreviation for “Environmental Noise Cancellation. ” It works like ANC but reduces unwanted low-frequency background noise from your microphone. To provide a better audio experience, ENC tends to block out any external noise. It also aids in improving the sound quality of calls.

PNC – Passive Noise Cancellation.

PNC stands for Passive Noise Cancellation. This is the technology for blocking ambiance and outside Noise with high-quality earcups and soft silicon buds that fit snugly in the ears and block out Noise. This is the most secure and safest feature for removing Noise and restoring music’s original audio quality.

The Usage of Noise Canceling headphones and headsets

If you are a frequent user of headphones, you need to be aware of these techniques for noise-canceling earphones and headsets. Noise-canceling headsets are used in various settings, including aviation, hospitals, medical equipment, sleeping headsets, and autism patients.

Most airlines provide noise-canceling headsets to their business-class passengers to reduce engine noise. Any cruiser or flight pilot should always wear a noise-canceling headset.

Autism patients also wear noise-canceling headsets, and if someone has Autism, they wear them. There are numerous applications and fields in which it is used.

What is Noise Isolation

Cancellation is not the same as Isolation. Noise isolation does not reduce or cut Noise, low sound waves, or frequency, and it does not use any power or electronics to block out surrounding Noise. Rather, it employs optimal construction materials and an ergonomic design to keep as much Noise out of the ear canal as possible. In simple terms, noise isolation or passive noise cancellation is the soundproofing or ear seal for outside Noise.

For example, the earcup padding on the headset is soft and thick “memory foam,” which fits snuggly over your ears and keeps Noise out.

The earbuds, neckband, and in-ear earphones all come with ergonomically designed snugly fit ear canal ear tips that secure the fit and block out outside Noise. This forms a sealed chamber within the ear canal, effectively blocking out external Noise.

Difference between Noise Isolation (PNC) and Noise Cancellation (ENC & ANC)

The noise cancellation earbuds or earphones have an inbuilt mic for ambient sound to create an opposite sound that cancels out the Noise electronically. The Noise canceling headset is battery-powered or requires power to use this technology. While passive noise technology does not require a battery and does not require any power because it uses foam ear tips to seal the ear canal.

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