Samsung Washing Machine Review in India 2022

This article will learn about the current Samsung washing machine technology and find the best suitable feature for your requirements. Because Samsung and other companies are presenting the same technology under different names, we will address this subject in this article and learn about Samsung’s history in the washing machine industry.

Samsung is a Korean company, and it is the world’s largest electronic appliance company. It started with its first washing machine on December 16, 1974. In India, Samsung starts washing machines ranging from Rs. 9000 to Rs. 50,000 with a minimum 6 kg capacity to a maximum of 16 kg capacity. And it is available in fully automatic, semi-automatic operation, and front and top-loading machines. And the Samsung washing machine goes up to a speed of 1400 RPM.

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Technology Used by Samsung Washing Machine

  1. Wobble Technology
  2. Diamond Drum
  3. Magic Dispenser
  4. Magic Filter
  5. Smart Check
  6. Eco Tub Clean
  7. Quick Wash
  8. Intensive Wash
  9. Aqua Preserve
  10. Super Clean Wash
  11. Delicate Wash
  12. Delay End
  13. Centre Jet Technology 


Wobble Technology

Samsung wobble technology is used to prevent clothes from tangling. It simply lifts up the water flow and creates dynamic flow from the bottom side. With this technique, the cloth is thoroughly washed off the dirt and strained. And because of this, it provides gentle care to fabrics during the washing.

Diamond Drum

Diamond Drum technology is used on the inner wall of the washing machine. This is called the “soft curl” design, which prevents clothes from getting trapped on the inner wall of the washing machine, which protects the fabric of your clothes.

A Diamond Drum, also known as a Stainless Steel Drum

Magic Dispenser

The Magic Dispenser dissolves the detergent in a small amount of water before the washing machine. With this technology, you can save some minutes while washing your clothes.

Magic Filter

During the washing of your clothes, it drops the dust and lint into the washing machine water so the magic filter can collect this dirt from the water and store it in its small plastic cabin placed on the washing machine wall. So you can remove this mud after every wash.

With this technology, you can use washing machine water for a long time, and it will not mix the dust and lint particles during your next clothes wash.

Smart Check

The Smart Check feature can detect the problem of washing machines automatically and give you a solution to the problem.

With the smart check feature, you can figure out the problem with your washing machine with simple troubleshooting. It will give you an error code to scan this error code with the Samsung Smart Check Application. It will show the problem solved so you can diagnose issues by yourself. If you cannot identify the problem and solution, it can also give you a customer care number. With this feature, you can save time and also the cost of engineer callouts.

Eco Tub Clean

The Eco Tub Clean system cleans the washing machine’s drum from the inner side with soap and without soap. Using the Eco Tub Clean, you can prevent the mold that builds up in the hidden places of the washing machine drum, which causes odor and germs.

You can use the Eco Tub Clean Function when the washing machine indicates it automatically. This process uses more water than usual, approximately 100 liters of water every 1.5 hours.

Quick Wash

Quick Wash Technology can wash your clothes in less time, less energy, and less water. Still, it may not be suitable for deeply soiled clothes that require a long time to wash, like baby clothes. You can use this function when clothes are mentioned for light washing at a low temperature (25 degrees).

Intensive Wash

Intensive washing is heavily washing the soiled clothes. If you have colorfast garments that are very soiled, you can use this Intensive Wash feature that requires more time, energy, and water to wash the clothes.

Aqua Preserve

It reused the water that was used last for washing. It is an essential function when water is available in a limited amount. With this function, you can save water and energy.

Super Clean Wash

Super clean wash technology uses more water and energy to clean the clothes. As a result, you receive a super clean cloth, like cleaning baby clothes, so you can use this function because it gives you the best possible cleaning in a Samsung washing machine.

Delicate Wash

Delicate wash is a slow process of washing that can protect your small fabrics while you wash your clothes. You can use this function to wash your clothes like lingerie bras, clothes that are expensive, and clothes that are coated with designs that require low-intention washing, so use this delicate wash option.

Delay End

Delay End The feature is related to time; you can set a 24-hour timer on the washing machine. This feature is beneficial when the water supply is not frequently in your area. This feature sets the water inlet timing on the washing machine. The machine automatically starts the device, and after completing the wash, it switches off automatically.

Centre Jet Technology 

Centre Jet Technology is a simple technique to fire water at high speed from a pulsator (agitator). It gives a scrub-like quality wash by rotating the water current and spinning the clothes back and forth.

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